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Trigeminal neuralgia - Tegretol prescribed. Will this Affect ERFA?

I have had 24 hrs of insane facial pain. Like nothing I have ever known, restricted to the left side only. I've just returned from the doctors who has diagnosed trigeminal neuralgia. He has given me some serious painkillers and tegretol to help the nerve inflammation.

I've just read up on this and the Tegretol may interfere with my ERFA thyroid. Any thoughts anyone?

Will indeed to raise or lower my ERFA?


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I recently met up with someone who was here on holiday and was suffering with the same thing badly. Pain killers were not effective. As it is the nerves that are affected his wife thought to dose him up with B12 - and lo and behold it worked. You cannot overdose on B12 - and it needs to be the methycobalamin - and hopefully you absorb well. I know we are all so different but it is worth a try. He then attended a Cranial Osteopath on his return to the UK. All is now well. Hope you are soon feeling better.....

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Marz kind of beat me to it. Try either McTimoney Chiropractic (very gentle and TOTALLY different from regular chiropractic) or cranial osteopathy.


First off, make sure it really is trigeminal neuralgia. I was diagnosed with this and told I would be on tegretol for life when actually I had a rotten tooth that my dentist had failed to mention!


For me it was due to a bad tooth too. It had a crack in it. It couldn't be saved so I had it pulled and never had any symptoms again. Thank goodness because Trigeminal Neuralgia was the worse pain I had ever had in my life and none of the medications the doctor prescribed helped it.


I am amazed to read this, thank you so much. I have been having strange, cold, feelings all down the left side of my face and head for over a year. Intermitently. Dr baffled and said 'we'd monitor it' I will look up this. thanks



Have a read here:

Actually, there have been a number of previous threads, some with quite extensive discussions and long replies. I don't know if you are seeing the More like this bit of the page (on the right, towards the bottom)? That seems to be quite effective though, obviously, actually responding on old threads is likely not to be the best idea. Or the Search box on green bar.

I took modest amounts of Tramadol at my worst. Never any other medicine.



You might also find this BBC news story of interest:



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