I would like to hear from those of you doing well on NATURETHROID?

I have just switched from ERFA Thyroid to Naturethroid. I was taking 2 and 1/4 grains of ERFA and have done a straight switch to Naturethroid 2 and 1/4 grains. I'm expecting good results so I am crossing all my swollen fingers and toes.

I would love to hear who is doing well on Naturethroid and how long do you think my adjustment period might be?

( i was not doing so well on ERFA recently so that's why I've switched)

Many thanks as ever


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  • Naturethroid suits me. I was o.k. on Erfa but not 100%. I am on T3 at present, prescribed by GP , and am also good on the dose I am prescribed. He offered T3 as he obviously knew I wasn't getting any medication prescribed from the surgery.

  • I'm taking it, but I've not used anything else, so I'm probably not much help :-)

  • How are feeling HarryE and how much are you taking?

  • I started 4 weeks ago today, self treating after the usual disastrous GP and endo route. I have increased slowly and am on 1 1/2 grains per day at present so probably not at full dose yet. But I feel so much better it is truly amazing!

  • Oh I'm so pleased for you. You sound as though you're really moving in the right direction. If its any consolation my GP won't prescribe any NDT either. I wish you continued success.xx

  • Thanks!

    The docs wouldn't prescribe anything, never mind NDT, because I'm, wait for it, NORMAL!! ;-)

  • I tried erfa a few years ago and didnT do so well. I swapped to Naturethroid and did much much better. I would have stayed on Naturethroid, only I got the same good results with Thiroyd and its much cheaper.

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