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Anyone make sense of blood results?

I was diagnosed with overactive thyroid, likely graves last year. On block and replace but still having symptoms. New bloods come back today which show TSH IS 1.53 and free T4 is 15.7. My bloods acetal months ago were showing as TSH 20.2 and free T4 0.11. Can anyone say with any certainty that based on my new results I am overactive or even under? These tests make no sense to me and I can't speak to my Endo till Monday. Thanks.

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Hi looks as though your meds are working. Your TSH is going up and often whilst on meds your T4 will dip. I was at TSH 2 and T4 12 when I reached stability.

Many people with hypo will tell you that your TSH needs to be 1 and your T4 at 20 but if you are on meds for being hyper, this is most unlikely. Once off meds your T4 should rise a little more on its own. It looks ok to me but the main thing is how you are feeling.


Hi. Yes I was of the same opinion. It's just really odd that say for a few days in the month I am having a relapse and symptoms are exactly what i had at my worst before treatment. I've emailed my consultant and waiting on his response but think he will agree with you on this one. Thanks for your reply - much appreciated.




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