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Weird blood results

I had my iron tested two weeks ago and it was 10.8 (range 10.7-32),ferritin 11.I had it tested again today and it was 24 with ferritin of 8 (range 7-100).I haven't taken iron supplements for six months and itwas never this high.I am a strict vegetarian for years.Found it strange.Also TSH was 5.6 (range 0.5-4.5),tested at 6 weeks,was 2.4.Now after five months on 50mcg of eltroxin it is 3.Hadvitamin D tested too and it is 15.B12 is 249,am on injections. What is going on?.

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Hi Are they the same time of day? As vary quite a lot otherwise. ferritin /iron, make sure they do the absorption %, if nHS has to be written on. Should be high. Your b12i is too low.I do not know your ranges for the D you had. However, f low that strongly effects the thyroid as hormonal.Are you Diabetic? be worth having a test any way, autoimmune and hormonal, should be done at least annually.If it was me , I would also want a FBC ( full blood count) and LFT`s, liver function. Liver overall controls the bloods, with liver disease, even mildly it can also do this.

If your thyroid disease is autoimmune, often is, then it can vary like that.Importantly what is your T4 and Free T3?

If under an Endo, I would e mail the results and ask for an opinion.

Best wishes,



Thanks for reply!!


Hi. Yes taken at same time. Vitamin D range says below 20 is severely deficient. T4 is 13. T3 never tested.Not diabetic. Think lab made a mistake on iron as have low iron symptoms. Thanks for reply!


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