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Morning to evening levo

It may sound silly but what is the best way to change meds from morning to evening, I am willing to try anything at the moment. I have not felt well since my thyroid was removed last year, aching legs , not sleeping ,itching eyes depression and more! G P just says have another blood test always comes back normal. I take 150 ml of levo and vitamin D and just startied taking B 12. Thanks

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I just missed a morning dose and then took it in the evening simple as that....Levo stays in your system for a couple of days so shifting a dose by 12 hours won't be noticeable.

I found it really great taking it at night as it meant a reduction in my side effects/symptoms and I also meant that I didn't have to worry about what to eat and when I have breakfast. :)

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Thanks Louise just scared of feeling worse then I already do!!! Will try starting tomorrow!!


I know it can feel scary at times read and research as much as you can so that you can take control of you health and start to feel well again. I hope that switching your Levo to the evening helps :)


Three simple ways:

Skip your morning dose and take it at bed-time.


Take morning dose and another dose at bed-time.


Take half a dose in the morning and full dose at bed-time.

Most (but not all) of us are fairly tolerant of being a bit under- or over-dosed on levothyroxine for one day.

Hope it works for you.



I just took my dose in the morning and then again a full dose at night which was fine for me i couldn't say i felt overdosed i never looked back i felt so much better since taking it at night time


Hi, I was like Louise... Forgot to take my dose my morning...

It's so much easier at night, no juggling breakfast etc. and stops me snacking after 8pm..

I take my VitD and multivitamin when I wake up and then the levo at about 10.

It works really well for me



I saw an Endo yesterday for first time.He confirmed that he is happy for thyroxine to be taken at bedtime on an empty stomach so that it is absorbed before eating breakfast.That will leave you free to take your vitamin tablets at Breakfast, which I do too.He advised that Levo stays in the system for 7 days so no problems for you changing times.I make sure I don't eat after 8.00 pm .


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