How do I get a natural thyroid prescription here in the UK?

Since moving to the UK 3 years ago I was switched to levothyroxine from armour thyroid (that I was on in the States) - I gained 20 pounds, my skin is always dry, my hair falls out, I have brain fog and I always want to sleep. I had a partial thyroidectomy as my half of my thyroid was massive, in May which has helped some of the symptoms (such as the brain fog is a bit better and I am a bit less sleepy all of the time) but not all - and the high dose of levothyroxine I'm on currently makes my eyes want to pop out. I have since asked my British doc (who says I should actually be on a higher dose than my current dose of 100mcg) if I could switch to Armour thyroid (which helped me so much in the States) and he said it isn't available here (although I have read it IS). Does anyone have any suggestions of how to get a prescription for a natural thyroid here in the UK?

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  • When you say "British doctor" are you talking about a GP or an endocrinologist at the hospital.

    You'll have real trouble getting a GP to give you NDT (Armour) and a fight on your hands to get a endo to give it to you as well. Some endo's do but you would have to research where and who they are and then get your GP to refer you to him/her.

    Our NHS does not like NDT as they think it is unsafe, it doesn't matter that patients feel better on it and can carry on a relatively normal life when taking it. The only way I can see you getting it, if you fail to find an NHS endo to give you it, it to see a private endo and get a private script for it (which will cost you quite a bit).

    100mcg's in not a high dose of levo - some on here are up to 300mcg's and still feel no better.

    Sorry to be the barer of bad news but welcome to the NHS!!!!!!

    Moggie x

  • ah ha! thank you for that info - I was referring to my GP - no doubt I would have even less luck with my endocrinologist.

  • I would give him a go though before you go down the private route as you do have a good bargaining tool in as much as you were prescribed it in the USA and did well on it. In the meantime ask another question on here along the lines of "endo who prescribes Armour please" and see what comes up.

    Do you go home often? and could you not go back to your doctor there?

    Moggie x

  • I have sent you a private message, please check your inbox


  • I have also sent you a private message.

  • It's great that people are responding to you. :)

    I would like to think that some of the advice is about how it may be possible to get a prescription as it is certainly possible. The more people that manage to convince their GPs to try, the better the situation will be for all.

    There is some info here:

    And we have some other info in the office which may help - drop me an email - manned Mon-Fri only.



  • I think you have replied to me, but it is registering as being on a different thread, but it is showing on neither thread. Odd glitch! :(

    Yes, Armour can be ordered online without a prescription. However, this is not something that Thyroid UK advises or encourages as it is always better to be monitored by a healthcare practitioner.

    Your GP may just simply be misinformed and should you present him with evidence to show that it is possible to be prescribed Armour, you could save yourself a fortune and also educate a GP! :)


  • Hi Have you tried a combination of T4 and T3? Although synthetic, this is equivalent, so may be the answer. No problem getting that on a nHS script either.I cannot take levo, so have to have a private script for armour but also need some T3 which GP gives me a script for.

    Best wishes,


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