Armour Thyroid crisis - where can I get a fast order

Hi all, I've been on Armour Thyroid for a month now, my Doctor sent my prescription to the pharmacy and I was supposed to arrange payment and delivery for next week. Unfortunatly, this morning as I was about to take my morning dose, the small Armour container slipped from my hand and fell into the bathroom sink and some of the tablets fell through the drain. Am gutted and now panicking because I've only got 4 tablets left and am supposed to increase my dose to 1 and a half (90mg ) on Monday. Does anyone know if I can collect my armour from Springfield Pharmacy in Surrey? Do they always have Armour in stock? am really panicking, I called them and they told me the Manager who deals with dessicated Thyroid doesn't work today. Really worried.

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  • I would think Springfield will have some in stock. Why don't you phone them as they may still be open.

  • Thanks Shaws, I think I need to be at their doorstep first thing Monday morning. Unfortunately they are now closed.

  • If they do Next Day Delivery you could have it by Tuesday?

  • I used to get my private prescriptions filled at Springfield and they were always really helpful when I telephoned. it wont hurt to delay your increase for a couple of days and they always used to post recorded mail so hopefully you'll be ok. Just telephone in the morning to check. Good luck!

  • Thank you

  • I use springfield pharmacy ,they are very good, my endo faxes my prescription and I receive tablets next day.

  • Thank you

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