Any ideas why after 5 years of being hypo (and on levo 125) my bloods would show borderline hyper 8 weeks after the birth of my 1st baby?

I ask because I have some hyper symptoms. Weak legs. Very Hungary.

I did not really need to increase my levo

Dose during pregnancy, just stayed on 125. Last blood at 8 weeks after my baby was born were t4 at 19.7, t3 at 4.7 and tsh at 0.07- very low!

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  • Hi, salvo! What are the lab's reference rates for the test results?

  • T4 10 to 21.5. Tsh is 0.5 to 3 not sure on t3 I'm afraid.

  • Thats probably the most important one - T3. T4 in not over the border, the question mark stays with T3. Can you get the reference for it? I'm not familiar with how childbirth might shift the hormone profile, maybe someone else comments on that part. What was you doc's answer to the hyper symptoms you started experiencing? Did he advise to decrease levo or stay on the same dose?

  • Just to re test but stay as I am for now. I will check the t3 then. Its the really low tsh that puzzles me. It was 0.07 when it has never been less than 0.5 since I went on the Levo. Very odd.

  • That's a very good idea)) just make sure the test is for free T3, not total. TSH is not so reliable in case of hypo. Also just a thought that crossed my mind - did you change your lifestyle? Maybe started eating healthier or/& exercise more, taking vitamins/other nutrients? Some lifestyle changes might shift the bio-availability of Levo - you might have started absorbing it better.

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  • T3 is the one that matters. Your t4 appears normal TSH is pretty irrelevant if the t3 is abnormal compared to t4 and TSH

  • A similar thing happened to me, they reduced my does than had to increase it again at my next test and again until I was back where I started within 3 months. Pregnancy and birth do strange things to us.

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