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Post Appointment Post !

I posted early in the week about my upcoming Endo appointment which was on Wednesday and received some very helpful replies. Briefly my TSH was 0.02 - long story short - reduction in dose very quickly produced loads of symptoms and my next test I had tipped the other way and my TSH was 17.50 .... Dose up again - but has taken me six months to recover especially from the panic attacks, awful anxiety and life changing memory problems. My last Tests once again were 0.02 so my Doc referred me to Endo.

Have to say was impressed. Had 45 mins with Doc who very much wanted to apply "fresh eyes". He explained that as I had bounced between hypo and hyper so quickly my pituatory must be working. He confirmed I had very little or no thyroid left, examined me very carefully, asked loads of questions and seemed very willing to help.

He has requested umpteen blood tests and I will see him again in approx six weeks.

Only downer is that he also diagnosed a "grossley engorged" aorta - for which I will have an urgent scan. That was something I was not expecting !


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Sounds like he was on the ball. Good thing he found the aorta problem. That could so easily have gone unnoticed. I'm sure you'll be fine. Sounds like you've got a goodun there.


Thank goodness he spotted the aeorta problem. Your man sounds very good. You must feel awful going from 0.02 to 17.5 and back again, hopefully you will be on the road to recovery now.


But how can he know you bounced between hypo and hyper if he hasn't seen the FT3? The hypo is obvious, with a TSH of 17.50, but 0.02 could just mean that you're taking thyroid hormone replacement, not necessarily that you're taking too much! He could only tell that from seeing an FT3 result. Did you have one?


Perhaps that's one of the tests he's ordered? Can we have an approximate location for this marvel?


Sorry, I don't understand. What marvel?


The endo who listened ...


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