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Iron Deficiency and under active Thyroid - chicken and egg situation??


I have only recently come across this site and have found it very helpful. Thank you,

Feeling inspired by advice on this site, I asked for another full blood test a few days ago. It has apparently come back as my thyroid level is OK. I am on 125 dose a day. But the bloods showed I am very anemic and the doctor wants to see me to discuss asap.

Reading symptoms of both problems, they seem very similar. Mainly I sleep very badly, always feel tired and very stiff plus, the worse thing by far, is my brain does not work and I feel I am trapped in the bottom of a pit and can't get out, no matter how hard I try.

Are the two problems very related? Sorry, my mind does not work well enough these days to read all the answers here.

Thank you.

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Low iron can be due to low thyroid.

Low stomach acid reduces absorption of iron. And low stomach acid is common in hypothyroidism.

At the same time, low iron seems to affect the ability to make and use thyroid hormones.

BUT - when you see your doctor, please make sure you ask to be tested for:

vitamin B12


vitamin D

Others will add their experiences of getting their iron levels right. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) can help with absorption of iron from supplements.



Welcome to the site rcpeacock.

I can't add to what helvella has already advised other than to suggest you ask your GP for a print out of your blood test results with reference ranges. All too often we hear the phrase thyroid levels are o.k. or 'normal' and that turns out not to be o.k. or normal.

If you can get these and post all your results, people will respond with help.


Hi On he thyroid side you need TSH, T4 and Free T3 to see what is happening, most NHS authorities will not longer do this, try the GP first, there are other ways.As Rod says Ferritin, B12 and Folic acid vital and vit D,( hormonal) if low calcium test and then treatment with D. you also need a diabetic check. Some times not obvious and it is a hormonal , autoimmune disease

Best wishes,



Hi I am on iron tablets as well at the moment as my iron was low, but have just been told to take another 2 months then stop no need for blood test, doctor said should be okay then! What I did learn from this site is not to take iron tablets at the same time as thyroid, take thyroid in morning leave 4 hour gap before taking iron tablet.( doctor nor pharmacy told me this) I rang chemist and they confirmed this.



Same I'm on thyroid tabs for under and now been told iron very low & I wasn't told about taking these tabs the same time . I read the leaflets luckily and phoned my pharmacist and she explained . I don't properly understand what's going on with me .


Collie22, you are answering a 5-year-old post. if you have questions or comments about the thyroid or nutrients you would get more feedback if you wrote a new post of your own.

Welcome to the forum. :)


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