Hi i.don.t understand the thyroid test results been having them for a few years now as family history .i.m borderline they have said and

Recent results were 3.1 i think he said my memory is so bad i.m not sure tjme i walked out of docs i couldn.t remember what he said.but it was better than before. i.m suffering with nearly every symtom of thyroid problems and the doctors ain.t listening to me.

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  • That sounds like a tsh test. You need to get t3 and t4 tests done and vit b12, vit d, ferritin, folate as well

  • With the reference ranges used for each. If your GP won't do them... But he has no reason not to.. Then you can get them done through this site

  • Hi I agree the 3 tests are essential. That tSH too sounds like it may be just over range, you always need ranges for any blood tests as different Labs often different, it does not matter, so long as you have the reference range.GP`s often say fine, when a bit out! Sounds like you are not borderline and need treatment.

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  • Ok thank will go and see about having full tests done.i.m just so tired all the time even when i.ve had a goid night sleep my short term memory is crap i got to note everything down straight away or i.ll forget .i thought i was getting alsimers can.t spell it sorry.no sex drive at all muscle pain bad feel like an old woman i.m 35 and have been struggling for years and trouble yo get weight off i.m not big but just it don.t shift off.also low blood pressure on one arm which no one seems to be worried about.how do you get the tests done through this site then.

  • Also been struggling with my ferratin levels really low through last pregnancy and after .but now said iron is ok do they test iron and ferratin automatically together when having iron test as had that and thyroid together.

  • Hi Antonia when you go back to the doctors as for a copy of all your blood results for thyroid and all the other ones like ferritin and whatever else you have done. Once you have got them, post them here for some good advice. Make sure that the reference ranges are on your print out too. Take care.

    Jo xx

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