Whats your memory like being hyporthyroid / brain fog

What i want to know is whats your everyday memory like . My memorys for being little is great but things like today or yesterday not so good. Remember little things and peoples faces and names i.m terrible. Few years ago i thought i was getting dimensha or the other one excuse my spelling getting brain fog. Until i joined this site and someone said about brain fog and was so right cause it is like that. Well for me its not so good when u have kids and during last year i had the flu and lost my sense of smell and taste its coming back slowly but my sense of smell is terrible. Things smell different to what they suppose to. But my main problem is cooking i keep forgetting i.ve got food on, cause i.m not smelling it? i forget all about it. i.m fed up of burning food now which is not like me. Also timer no good i wear hearing aids and it would have to be a loud timer with the noise my kids make.

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  • antonia, I feel for you. Sounds just the same as me. I have problems with smell too. AND I am fed-up with burning food. I have improved in both areas since being better medicated so I KNOW it is definitely connected with hypo. But it has not completely gone.

    Sometimes I find myself looking for something nasty because I have a foul smell in my nose, I walked past a lavender air freshener yesterday and it smelled like raw sewage!

    If an audio timer is not good, how about a visual one? There must be something available because my brother has been hearing impaired since childhood and has a flasher for the phone and of course switches his aid to the 'T' to hear. I probably could do with something like that myself because I am struggling with my hearing and in fact I cannot hear the oven timer even if I am right next to it, it is too high-pitched.

    Another idea - now about setting the alarm on your phone and setting it to vibrate - if you keep it on you, you should be able to feel it. I'm going to try that myself! There has to be an answer.

    Marie XX

  • Look what I just found, antonia!


    It sounds an alarm, flashes a light, AND vibrates.

    It is a website dedicated to supplies to help with hearing impaired folks. Sounds like manna from heaven, I'm just going to browse!


  • Sounds good! No pun intended but I hate cooking. I know you love it but I can't stay looking in the kitchen. Then I sit down and get engrossed in tv and lose track of time. Due to the layout of my house cooking smells don't reach me till its too late!

  • Ah ah I too have thought I may be starting with dementia (scary isn't it). I forget a word mid sentence so carry on the conversation and a few words later it he word I forgot jumps into my head. Sad but it's reassuring that we know others have similar problems. Hope you soon get better. x

  • I haven't been aware of loss of smell but I've noticed an improved sense of smell following dose increase. Also noticed improved vision for colour. I forgot all my PIN numbers when hypo and couldn't remember what people had said to me

  • I have never heard of a connection with memory problems and hypothyroidism! But my memory is awful! Last year I too thought I was getting dementia. I ended up putting the problem down to anxiety and the fact I have partial seizure epilepsy.

  • Hi Antonia, I have similar problems where I find it difficult to recount or explain something very simple, or I just can't think of the word for something.

    By the way, have you thought about using a slow cooker? These are absolutely great, very versatile, they use little electricity, and best of all, it doesn't matter if you leave something on low for an hour or so past its time! It's so handy just sticking everything in one pot to cook, but you can also use it for things like scrambled eggs.

  • My memories so bad I'm talking to my customers (I'm a hairdresser) and I forget what I'm saying half way throu or I go to say something to my hubby and it just disappears, he looks at me like I've lost my marbles!

    I've been parcally deaf in one ear since a child but I've noticed I get tinnitus a lot now.

  • Yes I have a little deafness and tinnitus and although doctor has said she will refer me I have resisted as it varies so much so feel its thyroid related and I need to get that right first

  • I have dreadful problems with memory and I am increasingly worried that I have dementia, although I am hypothyroid on 150 levothyroxine. I also find that some periods of time are worse than others, I forget where i am driving to, who I am phoning, I call my kids the wrong names, forget which word I am trying to use, I left 2 different credit cards in shops over Christmas etc - all very worrying.

  • b12deficiency.info/signs-an... Have you had your B12 checked - needs to be at the top of the range. Apologies if you know this.... also b12d.org

  • Hi its ok someone said on here on the weekend about b12 as having bad pins and needles didn.t know it could be related to memory loss aswell can.t see a doctor for 2wks its terrable where i am unless an emergancy and then it can take 2 days to see one.

  • There is an Active B12 Test that can be done privately at St Thomas's hospital in London. I believe it can be done by post. Have an internet search and it will come up. The Active B12 test is MORE accurate than the current blood test.

    Check out hampster1 on the Members list and read some of her posts. Also put B12 into the Search Box and read her posts that refer to B12. Her knowledge of B12 is excellent. She posted about Professor Smith on YouTube talking about B12 and Brain shrinkage....so it is very important. I use B12 Patches from Amazon .

  • Thank you will certainly look into that will do anything to live better than i am now

  • Best to have the test before you start supplementing so you get a more accurate reading. You cannot overdose on B12 as it is water soluble. Don't just increase your B complex as you may well end up overdosing on other B's. Take B12 alone.

  • I did the home-kit active B12 test from blue horizon £57 with TUK discount here...


    I have no sense of smell/taste either, also trying zinc J :D

  • Thanks for all the comments you all seem like me glad i.m not the only one then between the other problems with hypo i also thought it could of been ms . You know pins and needles in hands feet etc and muscle pain. My hearing loss is hormone related can.t remember the name of it begins with o. Yes speaking to someone and you forget what your saying also someone speaking to you and your brain trying to catch up with what they are saying time they finish the sentence you.ve missed out what they said. My phone is on vibrate anyway but i don t always feel it go off kids always complain i never answer my phone will look at the things you can get for your home for hearing impairment. Thanks all

  • Dear Antonia, do you know that a little baking powder sprinked around a dry-damp burnt saucepan, left overnight and scrubbed the following morning is very useful for someone (like me!) who is always burning saucepans. My short-term memory is poor too, especially when I'm stressed. When not stressed I try tell myself out loud things to remember or write a note put in a place I'm constantly going to - like in front of the kettle! I keep a notebook these days and write everything down I need to remember. Just a quick check each day to see if there's anything I need to remember for today. It doesn't have to be called dementia but even if it is, there are ways around it. Eat fresh fruit and vegetables whenever you can instead of packaged foods. Your kids might take time to get used to it. Ask them to help you find things but the best way is to put things in their proper place, show the kids where all the places are where things should be kept. Get them to remind you, write it down, then you will learn to put things in their place as a habit. Good luck!

  • My short term memory has always been terrible, If I go to the shops without making a list, I`m guaranteed to forget half the stuff that I went out for. My mother was exactly the same, so I suppose it`s partly hereditary. I have had some scary moments where I`m convinced that I`m in the early stages of dementia, but my doctor tested me, & thought that I was ok.

  • I have had a thyroid problem for many years and was actually diagnose with dementia (Alzheimer's disease) eventually, about 8 years ago. Its only since I have forced the Endo and GP to give me the correct treatment of T3 in the last 3 years that my memory and processing brain problems have improved. Its clear now that half of my dementia is caused by my thyroid being incorrectly treated in the past, and the rest is damage sustained by my brain during the time of incorrect treatment. Since I have started on a decent dose of T3 the brain fog has receded somewhat, although its clear that the damage has been done. Luckily my dementia doctor is fully behind my T3 treatment as he has never seen a person with dementia actually get a little better!


  • I.m only 35 and its been getting worse over last few years , i was all sharp minded but now i struggle with everything . I.ve made doctors appointments over the phone or in person an walked out of the surgery or ended phone call and haven.t a clue what time shes said and have to phone back or go in and ask its embarrasing and my spelling is getting worse honest to god i seem so thick on times.

  • Personally I have lost a lot of my past, I simply cannot remember stuff!! Luckily I have a sister who remembers everything and everyone.....

  • Me too :( - but my eldest brother remembers absolutely everything (he did have a wobble after he recently hit his head & got anaemic 'tho) Mum's memory was spot on too, and I'm only 53! I did used to keep a diary but now I don't bother, as reading back it was mostly the same old words!

  • You have just made me realise what has been wrong with me. Since my thyroid packed in I have had this feeling that something is always missing from my diet, but never knew what. To the point that I am losing interest in my food. Its my sense of smell and taste probably, thought I was going mad.

  • Thats how i feel my doctor wasn.t even worried told me it would go back to normal . At one point my sense of smell went really weird everything smelt like fag smoke and it was burning my nose i was getting parinoid cause it was all i could smell for wks even tried smelling crystals to unblock your nose strong stuff u put in water and not even that got rid of it. It is better than before but my smell is different to my family if u know what i mean. Its not easy eating when your tastebuds and smell don't work tidy. God so funny i made a curry when it was bad and cause i couldn.t taste the curry powder i kept adding to it believe me kids wasn.t impressed didn't bother me mind lol

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