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Having a baby and having a underactive thyroid

Hi i.ve read that people who have a baby with thyroid problems are more likely to have a child with a lower iq level some with learning problems if thyroid wasn.t being treated proper. So am i right in thinking that if my baby as these problems i have a case against my surgery as 3 years ago i should of been treated if they bothered to take the right tests or even took the same tests again in 6 months instead of just the 1. I.m worried now that something could be wrong with him as had a few problems with his scans when pregnant aswell with being bigger than he should of been and is neck they thought he might of had downs but he never.

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They do a heel prick test when the baby is a few days old to test for hypothyroidism if your baby had it it would of been picked up then.


Is your worry that you had an undiagnosed hypothyroid condition before and during pregnancy and that it might have affected your baby. Was your thyroid gland condition diagnosed after delivery? Why I ask is that some mothers do become hypo after delivery and sometimes it rectifies itself some months later.

I you have any worries about your baby, you should ask to see a paediatrician.

This is a link and cursor to the question dated January 21, 2003

which may be helpful. This is an extract:-

Doctors should warn women who have thyroid disease that it may worsen after pregnancy. In fact, they should caution all women that thyroid disease may appear for the first time after they deliver. If after delivery, a woman experiences symptoms such as depression, nervousness, sluggishness, fatigue, and mood swings, she should undergo an evaluation for thyroid and metabolic status.



Yes this is what i am worried with in 2010 after my daughter was born i went to the doctors cause i was getting worse i've problems with my joints and tiredness for years . They kept putting it down to pregnancy and looking after my family was even tested for carpol tunnel syndrome test came back border line hyporthyroidism no treatment just bloods regular except they wasn't testing for everything just the 1 i don't know what it was. But since my son was born 5 months ago i kept going back plus joined this site cause i had enough i.m just so tired my hairloss is bad and my memory is really bad and muscle pain. I was only diagnoised on friday after having my antibodies tested thyroid seems ok but antis have gone up alot since last time.


Antonia, I do feel very sorry that you have had to search for reasons why you have been unwell. Are you now on thyroid medication? I hope so as you now have antibodies. It's bad enough having to struggle along without having a small child and a baby to look after and feeling so ill. Carpal Tunnel is another clinical symptom of hypothyroidism.

Always get copies of your blood test results for your own records. You are entitled and if you have queries you can post them on a question for comments.



I wasn't diagnosed until a year after my second son was born. His IQ is 157 and he was a member of Mensa.


Had a partial thyroidectomy after my first child; my three very much adult children are fine. First went to Grammar School, second is now a Holistic Therapist and third is a Postman with excellent communication skills, hope this is reassuring.


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