Anyone has a child with thyroid problems

I was looking at children with thyroid problems as a daughter who does'nt seem to grow so looked it up but then noticed something else my son who is older than her 5 next wk had him refered for adhd cause of is behaviour well i.m beginning to think it could be this he.s always been sweaty is hands and feet mainly but when he sleeps he sweats a lot aswell also don.t feel the cold as much as the rest of us.he eats non stop and i mean all the time he eats more than is brothers and sisters and will finish anyones food off if not eaten but he.s not big just normal size child .he has tuns of energy way to much and also finds it really hard to concentrate had some problems in i though adhd anyone who.s had a child like this who has got it. My nan her my 2 aunts had the hypo one and my other nan had a putirty gland tumor i.m also borderline and my sister just been tested aswell as showing signs.

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  • ..I do not have the experience you have nor am I medically trained - but I think your intuition is on the right track. Mum's know best ! I have read that ADHD could have its roots in the Thyroid and your son could be showing the effects of being over-active in that area. You just need to find the right listening/understanding doctor. Also diet affects the brain and its activity - so maybe that needs to be looked at. I am reading a book at the moments - Why isn't my Brain Working ? - and everything seems to come down to food. Being gluten free may just help as it could be allergies causing the over-heating... and other issues.

    I think ADHD is just another modern condition for which the Drug Companies have a pill ! Regarding your borderline Thyroid tests - why not post your results with ranges on here and let someone comment. Sounds as if you could do with a bit of support.....maybe we will have other ideas rather than say you are borderline !

  • I have but never been given my results just told border line and regular checks but last doctor said 3.1 or 3.01 i.m terrible at remembering am going back in the wk to ask about all of my checks previous and to ask for the full works cause had enough i suffer nearly every symptom of hypo being the reason i went to docs to see whats wrong with me. The treatment you get for this has it got hormones in them as i got a hearing problem thats hormone related and can.t take any pills etc as it speeds it up, i wear hearing aids already see ,lost most of my hearing from being pregnant with the hormone changes .

  • if you want to reply to someone and you want them to read it - then click onto the yellow box - Reply to this - otherwise they won't see it. I just happened to return to your post and thread ! Easily done !

    Look forward to seeing your results with ranges....

  • Ok thanks didn't realise i had to do that.

  • When you go back to your doctors ask them for a print out with the ranges and post them on here. They can't refuse you them.

    Jo xx

  • Yeah i will so when i have bloods done and they are testing iron and thyroid don.t they normally test ferratin levels same time and don.t they test everything for your thyroid cause before only ever been told its borderline. Do thyroid treatment contain hormones .

  • Hi thyroxine is a hormone. You will have to ask the doctor for every test that you want done. You would have to ask for ferritin to be done too. because they say that you are borderline they have probably just done the tsh. Could you not ask for a trial of thyroxine since you are borderline just to see if it helps. The dr might accept that. You could always say that if you didn't feel good you would stop taking it. If you were treated and feeling better you would probably be able to push for treatment for your young family. Take care.

    Jo xx

    P.S. Ask for ferritin B12 folate VitD. There is another one but I can't think what it is. x

  • Thanks i.m going to ask for everything my daughter is going to be weighed and measured etc aswell booked us in for check ups and will be discussing my son aswell to see if he can be tested for it aswell as he.s already been refered for adhd.

  • The best of luck. I will be thinking of you

    Jo xx

  • If your daughter isn't growing and there are pituitary problems in your family it's possible she could have pituitary problems too. Perhaps it's time to go to your doctor and get a full set of thyroid tests done on yourself and all of your children. I'd ask for tests for your daughter too. Has she had her growth hormones tested?

    Maybe look at diet too. I've gone on a paleo diet (with lapses). It isn't as hard as it sounds and it doesn't need to be expensive - it means time taken cooking, which I know is hard if you have to go out to work.

  • Hear hear, I was going to say the exact same thing! Pituitary problems can run in families, and they can also be caused by head injuries, even a mild concussion. So if your daughter's ever bumped her head . . What is good is that the treatment is effective, so definitely worth checking out.

  • You referred to the 'Growth Hormones' being tested (for a child) it that a certain type of blood test (or tests) please rosetrees. Could you explain it further if not.

    Thank you.

  • I don't know how the test is done, Coastwalker, but growth hormone is one of the hormones produced by the pituitary.

  • Many thanks rosetrees. I did look through it all and found a snippet of information which linked in to what I was looking for.

  • Ok will have them both checked out just to make sure thanks.

  • "Hypothyroidism in childhood and adulthood" . A personal perspective and scientific standpoint by C Phillips and D Roach.

    The authors wrote this book as they are identical twins, but grew at a different rate. This may be interesting for you to read. They had more health problems as adults due to hypothyroidism and their thyroid medication being reduced.

    ADHD has also been associated with hypothyroidism according to some doctors.

  • My daughter will be two in feb next year and she has thyroglossal cysts and all the symptoms of an over active thyroid. She doesn't sleep for longer than two hours at a time and its like she is simply recharging a battery as she then wide awake. She's a really wild child with a fiery temperament. Is always hot and sweaty. I've had a nightmare trying to get GPs to look at her properly. I have a diagnosis of thyroglossal cysts which explains the lumps in her neck but not the symptoms or how to treat her in the 18months we have to wait for an operation to remove the thyroglossal tract. I even begged my endo to look at her without success. I am under an endo for my own thyroid issues resulting from thyroid cancer 11 years ago

  • Your like me it seems doctors don.t want to know your problems they seem to just pass it off as something simple just to see next patient. We have all new younger doctors in our surgery the old ones was a lot better and they tested you listen to you now i always feel rushed to the point that i don.t want to go and i.ll try and self disagnoise myself and kids .i.ll even wait to go out of hours surgery cause i get more sense from them

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