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Hi can anyone help me understand if my blood test reading are normal as I have been told they are

my freeT4 is19,my TSH0.92, folate6.5, vitB12 is 444,they have a lot more on the reading cholesterol etc but dont know if you need it.I have never asked for a reading before I have just always taken there word that its normal,but I cannot shift the weight I have put on and also been having hot sweats,many thanks in advance to anyone who can decipher my reading

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Ok, from what I can tell, your folate and B12 are too low. The B12 isn't too bad but the folate is. You would possibly benefit from taking a B12 supplement (methylcobalamin rather than cyanocobalamin) and a B complex that contains folic acid. You might also want to take a folic acid supplement for a while as your folate is so low.

It would be helpful to know the reference ranges for the TSH and fT4 as these can vary from lab to lab. They look ok though.

If you could post all your results, there may be something useful in them :)

Carolyn x


Thanks so much Carolyn for responding to me,I dont know if this is the reference ranges but it said f T4 9-21 pmol/L 19.TSH 0.2-4.5mu/l 0.92. folate6.5 vitB12 444. urea5.2 creatinine 64. egfr>60 sodium 141. potassium4.9. glucose 5.9. glucose spec random.bilirubin 5. ALT 16. ALKphos55. GGT28. cholesterol6.8H. tryglyceride 2.4h. hdl chol1.0L. LDL chol4.7. chol.hdlc ratio6.8. ck81. this is everything thats on the sheet,forgive me if I am bombarding you with information you dont need,thanks again x


Thanks :) Do you have the reference ranges for the potassium and sodium?

Your cholesterol is a little high but nothing to panic about. It does indicate that you are possibly not on quite enough thyroxine. You may only need a tiny increase but if you don't have enough it can cause your cholesterol to rise. It can also cause your blood glucose to rise. If this is a fasting glucose test then it is toward the high end of normal. This can also be caused by not getting enough thyroxine.

I don't know much about the others but I believe they are liver and kidney function. Someone else might be able to help with these.

Some really useful tests to get would be a full blood count, red blood cells, serum iron, ferritin and vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is remarkably common. Even if you are not anaemic your serum iron and ferritin levels could be lower than optimal. Lower iron levels can result in your body not being able to use thyroxine as well as it should so it is worth getting checked, particularly if you are not feeling 'normal'.

I hope that helps a little :)


ref potassium3,6.5mmol/l and sodium135-145mmol/l,cholesterol is a bit high but much lower than it was, last year it was over 12.thanks for your help Carolyn


Ah, ok. That probably means your high cholesterol was down to your thyroid. Hopefully it will come down even more, although slightly high is apparently nothing to worry about unless you have had a previous heart attack...


hi could anyone help my b12 about 2 months ago was 276 ,2 weeks ago it was checked again and came back at 722 but my doctor said this is too high and thought it could be a blip she retested me a week later it has come back at 648 she is saying it is too high please could you help me understand

i have a book about b12 it says in this that 450 -1100 is what it should be can you help thank you


Hi - sorry I can't help with your question but just wanted to suggest that you post it as a new one, so that it doesn't get missed. xx


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