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Need help understanding test results

Help!!!!! Have thyroid nodules on both right and left side right side (2) nodules solid left upper cyctis low predominantly solid. My nurse practitionioner has not bother to explain the implications of said nodules. Her attitude is very non chalant, I have absolutely no confidence in her. There are no nodules on the isthmus or enlarged lymph nodes.

Tsh 1.1MIU/mL

T4 thyroxine total 8.7mcg/dL

Free T4index(T7). 2.4

T4, free. 1.1ng/dL

T3 uptake. 28%

T3 total. 101ng/dL

All she told me is that my thyroid is normal. Please help me I am totally lost. I am aging weight an holind on to it, I feel tired restless funny sensations on the soles of my feet.

Also had Glycated HGB which is 5.5%.

Can anyone help me with the interpretation .


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Hi I am not very familiar with those specific tests as not the usually ones.My Endo always says the only T3 test is Free T3. You do need the ranges for any thyroid test, or anything else. Ask for a print out with them. A lot of blood tests vary at different labs, so you always need to ask for ranges.You obviously ned thyroid treatment as your T4 is certainly very low, I suspect your fT3 would be too.I expect she is just going by the tSH, not a good guide on its own. As for the nodules, I am assuming you did have an ultra sounds? You now need a second on for a needle biopsy done by a specialist radiologist, this is routine for nodules.No other way of knowing what they are without a biopsy, although usually harmless.

As or the feet, that just could be diabetes, similar symptoms to thyroid to start with, autoimmune and hormonal. I would certainly ask for a test, best one is Hb1Ac.It does not need to be fasting but quite likely they will ask you to, that means water only for 12 hours, apart from essential drugs eg cardiac etc.

I would also be seeing a GP at the least, even those are not always good with thyroid.

Of course,this all depends on how you feel.

Best wishes,



Thanks Jackie, will look into this further


Hi, I have had under active thyroid for 27yrs. 7yrs later I got diabetes. type 1. It is not uncommon that these two go together as they I think they are both autoimmune problems. Don't worry if this is the case you will get used to it, not to be taken lightly, get a diabetic test and put your mind at rest. Good luck.


Hi Again, Just thought if not familiar with the site, click on reply to this under any post if you wish to get back to some one.




Wondering where you are? Some of those tests are somewhat unusual for the UK.

Also it is vital to have the reference ranges for the lab which did the tests. Without them we are guessing what any results mean.



Hi I am in the states.


Hi Wahala, Yes, some of those tests are unusual and total thyroid are not useful according to this. Here are the ones Stop the Thyroid Madness site recommends:

I've also come across a series of videos regarding thyroid symptoms from an autoimmune perspective. This one talks about low progesterone. They are only five minutes in length. In one of the videos he talks about T3 Uptake but I'm not sure if it is in this one or not.


Thanks so much will watch them and hope to be enlightened


Thanks all truly appreciate your imut.


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