I have got many symptoms of hyperthyroidism,extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, sweating, itching all over, thirst, hunger but

I have just returned from my GP who had the results of many blood tests including TSH and all were normal. However, im convinced this is what the problem is and I have a family history of Thyroid problems, mother had hers removed, cousins and Aunties. So, my Question is, can the tests be wrong and could I still have it? and if so what other ways are there to test it?

Also, my result was 2.9 which would be more the hypo end, but symptoms are hyper ??

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  • Normal isn't good enough, you need to see your results - ask the receptionist for a print out with the lab ranges. The ranges are wide, depends on where you are within them. Someone else will come on and tell you what other tests would be helpful but you need to see your test results and their ranges. More so if you have a family history of thyroid problems.

    Liz x

  • thanks liz im going back in two weeks so I will ask then I think. x

  • Why wait two weeks - phone and ask receptionist for print outs and then you can collect them.

    Moggie x

  • Will the receptionist ask why I want them? and get funny about it though? x

  • She may get funny or say she will have to ask the doctor but it is your right, by law, to have them and they cant stop you.


    The only way lots of people on here have been able to move forward with their treatment is by obtaining their blood results after every test, keeping their own records (myself included) and questioning their GP's.

    My GP and endo now print them off automatically.

    Moggie x

  • ok, bit scary lol, .. will ring them and ask if they will do it x

  • Don't feel intimidated - they are there to do a job and help people.

    Moggie x

  • Always get a print out of your blood tests, with the ranges, for your own records and you can then post them with your questions if you need to. 'Normal' to doctors usually mean you are within a range I always take that to mean 'people with normal health' not with clinical symptoms which sometimes they don't take into consideration at all

    Also get a Vitamin B12, Vit D, iron, ferritin and folate blood test and post results on a new question.

  • ok, thanks Shaws. ive just made another appointment to see a different Dr just to see what she may come up with, anything different, hopefully and im going to ask her for all the bt results etc.. I will mention the Vit b12, Vit D etc is that linked to HT as well then? im veggie so they may be a bit off, lol. x

  • If you're a vegetarian there could be a possibility of B12 deficiency, as it's only available from animal products (it is available from dairy, if you eat that). The autoimmune version of B12 deficiency is called Pernicious Anaemia (PA), which is a possibility if you have other family members with autoimmune diseases. Further information on this link:


    You mention hair loss in another post, this is a symptom of B12 deficiency, as well as iron deficiency and thyroid problems. Some of the symptoms you mention above are also common, like extreme fatigue and shortness of breath. Itchiness is talked about both on this forum and on the PA forum I'm on, so I assume it's a symptom of both (because they both cause very dry skin maybe)?

    As the others have said, get B12, folate, iron/ferritin and vit D tested and get copies of all the results and ranges, and post them with your thyroid results.


  • oh they did iron that was to test for anemia? all ok

  • Ok, thanks Hamster I will ask if they can do that for me tomorrow. Ive rebooked to see a different GP on Friday as well, to see what she may say differently.... x

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