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My blood tests have all come back clear but I have ALL the symptoms of Hashimoto's disease!

My doctor has said all is clear with my blood tests results. But I know I have it as I know my own body and he now is telling me it must be vitamin D?!

Does anyone know anyone in the UK who i can speak to or get in touch with to get my life back again? thanks

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If you post your blood test results here, people will be able to help more. If you haven't got them, you can ask for a print out from the docs receptionist. They are not allowed to say no.

Do you have a thyroid problem or is it just the autoimmune version they wont say you have? That's one easy, you just test for thyroid antibodies.

Many other things cause similar issues such as Vit deficiency which can also affect thyroid funciton so always good to get these tested - Vit B12, Folate, and iron (ferritin). You can post your results here also as most docs useless with nutrition.

What were your vit D results and what dose did you get prescribed?

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Hi! Become your own advocate! Dr. Izabella Wentz did and got her life back. I recommend her latest book. Please get all your labs and keep them in a binder or folder and begin logging in a journal. Mrs. Wentz is a great place to start. God Bless you!


Low vitamin D can have similar symptoms, and make you feel awful.

What was your result & how much has GP prescribed

When supplementing vitamin D, it's a good idea to also take Magnesium (works with vitamin D) and vitamin K2, this helps send increased calcium to bones rather than arteries/muscles

Best get B12, folate & ferritin checked too.

Post your thyroid results here too.


Vitamin K2-MK7 :)


My doctor says I'm no longer hypo active but still need to take my meds forever. Why did your doc say vitamin D?


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