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Have I got hypothyroid? Many symptoms but GP not convinced

Please can you all help. I have not been feeling too great for a while, just thinking it's my age/stress etc. Recently developed palpitations. However, also "odd" symptoms over last few weeks - particularly pins and needles/burning feet. Also have many other symptoms listed on Thyroid UK for hypothyroid eg scalloped tongue, wrist pain, fatigue - in fact, I have about 20 at least. Just small things that I have ignored that are not significant by themselves. BUT, my TSH/T4 is "normal" & my GP is refusing to do any further thyroid blood tests.

I know I am not well, but I am getting the brush off. The more research I do the more I see that you can have thyroid problems but "normal" bloods. GP says burning feet is a hot flush! No, these are the other end and I never get these! I am 49 & on HRT so should not get this. Says I am just stressed.

Anyone else have this experience? I am not self diagnosing but I feel GP should be going further and doing further bloods and a referral ie thinking out of the box.

I am a practice nurse so I know this is not in my head!


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I'm sorry you are not feeling well and sense it's because of your thyroid gland.

Get a print-out of your blood tests with the ranges from the surgery and post for comments. If you don't have them to hand put them on a new post.

Ask your GP also for Vitamin D, Vit B12, iron, ferritin and folate as these can also cause problems.

The trouble with blood tests these days is that GPs have been told not to prescribe until TSH is 10, although some might prescribe if TSH is around 5 with symptoms. Other countries will prescribe if TSH is around 3.

It's very frustrating when you are told your ranges are 'normal' so cannot by caused by thyroid gland dysfunction.


Your a practice nurse you probably have more idea what your talking about than the gp that's what I find with the nurse I see g


This is another helpful link:

email for a list of doctors/endos.


Burning feet sounds more like B12 deficiency ....

The symptoms of B12 Deficiency and Hypo often overlap. Also when people are Hypo they are also deficient in so many vital things. B12 - Ferritin - Folate - VitD - Iron. So when you are able to post your thyroid results with ranges - in a new post - people will comment.

In my non-medical opinion - women have been handed HRT when if the underlying issues were investigated - it is possible there would be a thyroid problem ! The understanding of thyroid test results are unbelievably poor - so millions are told they are 'normal '- when in fact there is a problem. Easier to hand out AD's - HRT - PPI's - Statins and so on :-( Women have been short changed.

Do hope you will soon feel stronger. Stick with this forum and you will :-)

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Hi folks was just back at my f/u appt and was original GP I saw for palpitations a few weeks ago (getting this checked in a few weeks). Relieved as he couldn't have been nicer (though I did name drop the GP I worked for, who he knows).

I said I had varying symptoms of hypothyroid and the burning feet thing was the worst at the moment. Asked him to think outside the box which he totally agreed with. He is going to repeat my bloods (have had them all checked already as, being in the medical profession, knew about B12/vitamin deficiencies).

He is doing a referral to the top endocrinologist in my area (I recognised the name as I am getting desperate and was willing to pay for a private consultation).

The only thing he's not doing is the full thyroid profile etc, couldn't persuade him but on the whole I am satisfied. Only thing is there is an up to 8 week wait to see consultant. A bit more positive though. I am convinced there is something going on.

Thanks everyone


Do ask for your thyroid blood test results though. The normal healthy reference range is very wide yet each individual has a very narrow range in which they are healthy. Your blood results can be in the healthy reference range whilst not being in your personal healthy range. "Normal" and "Optimal" are very different!


Yes thanks I will be asking for a printout of the results. I think I had thyroid bloods done about 5 or 6 yrs ago so I will get these too.



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