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Hi all,

I would appreciate it if anyone could interpret these latest results for me.

serum free T4 level = 17.9 pmol/L ( 10 -21)

serum TSH level =O.32 mii/L (0.27-4.2)

total cholesterol 4.1

serum creatine - 69 (50-120)

serum potassium - 4.4 (3.5-5.3)

On these results, my doc has increased dosage of levothyroxine to 150mcg as I still do not feel well.

Thanks for reading

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  • Your lucky that your GP has increased your levo with a TSH of 0.32, not that I'm saying he is wrong to do so just that your TSH is only just in range and most GP would have given you a "normal".

    Have you had all the recommended vitamins checked, B12, Vitd, iron, ferritin and folates, as if any of these are low not only can they cause thyroid like symptoms but they can also stop your levo working to its full potential.

    Moggie x

  • In addition to what Moggie has said, I would consider whether you might have adrenal issues as well. There's a good questionnaire here

  • Thanks for the quick replies. Lots of numbers for other things e.g.: blood count etc

    None of my vitamin levels etc have been checked this time. However my levels in August were;

    Vitamin B12 = 333 (180.0-2000.)

    serum folate level = 7.8 (1.5 -20.0)

    ferritin = 19.0

    I had been taking iron tablets for this and finished them a couple of weeks ago.


  • You would possibly benefit from having a look around this link:

  • Have you got the range for the ferritin, if its the same range as mine then your ferritin is very low and could be the key to why you still feeling ill with a TSH of 0.32. Has your GP not mentioned low iron to you. My range was 15 - 100 and something so if you have the same range then you are only just inside it with a result of 19 and could be why your GP has not put you on iron supplements. A thyroid sufferer needs a ferritin range of, at least 70 but preferrable nearer 90 for symptoms, like hair loss, to stop.

    Your body needs iron to, firstly, convert the T4 you are taking into T3 which you are obviously still lacking as your symptoms are still ongoing and secondly your body needs iron to transport the coverted T3 into your cell, which is where it needs to be for your symptoms to stop.

    Moggie x

  • Your doc has not checked T3, which is the active hormone made in your body from your Levo. If it is low, you may not be converting well. Just a thought...

  • Yes Hennerton I have wondered about that and have requested it to be done on the next test. :)

  • Sorry pressed send too early! You could then ask your doc for some T3 to add to your Levo. They normally reduce Levo by 50 mcg and add 10 mcg of T3. May need an endo to do this, however. First get the T3 blood test, if possible. x

  • Thanks will do so after my holiday! x

  • T3 could cause you problems with a ferritin level of 19 as iron is very important for the use of T3. Sort your iron out and you my find that everything else falls into place and T3 is not needed. I was put on T3 without my ferritin levels being checked and ended up with heart issues.

    My ferritin level was 12 earlier this year and after 7 months of iron supplements I have had to REDUCE my levo twice and feel so much better you wouldn't believe. My ferritin level is 63 at the moment, so I still have a way to go, but I have already noticed my hair loss is slowing down, I have loads more energy, my brain fog is almost non existent now and I would say I am almost back to pre-thyroid health - all because my ferritin was low and my body could not use the levo I was taking properly.

    Moggie x

  • Sorry just realised that you said you have been taking iron supplements - what were you taking and were you taking them with Vitc (iron supplements have difficulty in absorbing in the body unless taken with vitc) such as pure orange juice or a good vitc powder and have you been taking them on a full stomach.

    Was the ferritin result before or after you supplemented and how long did you supplement for?

    Moggie x

  • I had a 3 month course of iron tablets prescribed from the doctor and finished a number of weeks ago. Would this need to be tested again to see if it was okay now? I didn't know about the orange juice until I read it on here,(fortunately I knew before taking them.) The ferritin result was before the prescribed iron. Wish I had some energy, I just find everything a chore at the moment. I'm also taking pyridostigmine and probanthine (antidote to pyridostigmine) for myasthenia gravis. I often wonder if they have some affect on Levo. Thanks for your time x

  • Can I ask what you were taking? was it ferrous sulphate 200mcgs?

    Moggie x

  • yes

  • Well going by my result of 12 - I have been on these supplements for over seven months now and my level is still not adequate. Why did you stop taking them, did your GP stop perscribing them for you? I dont think my ferritin levels will be adequate for, at least, another 4 - 6 months so your 3 months worth of supplements may not have been enough.

    Ask your GP to re-test your ferritin and if it is still below 70, which I suspect it will be, then you need to ask him for further supplements.

    Moggie x

  • Drat lost my post so typed again!

    That is low Moggie and I didn't realise it can take so long to sort out. I have had to take them like this before when iron was low and was never asked to take more when the course had ended. I presumed all was okay but maybe I should check. It wasn't my usual doctor who I saw and she was originally only going to correct the level through diet as it was 'borderline.' I reminded her that iron was very important for thyroid function (again learned from this site) - she said I was right and gave me them lol.

  • Sorry didn't realised you have replied.

    Yes, definately get your ferritin tested again and you might want to ask for a referral to see a gastro. According to my endo being deficient in iron is unusual (he's obviously never been on this and seeing as you have had repeated trouble (although if your GP did the same as this time and only gave you a few months worth of supplements is no wonder you have moved no further forward) with your iron it might well be worth getting it checked by a gastro.

    Are you a veggie? as this can cause iron troubles, as can an ulcer but whatever is causing it you might want to see a specialist. Its obvious your GP has little understanding of it and is not giving you the correct treatment.

    Have your ferritin levels re-checked and post new results on here, possible in the questions section as you will get more response.

    Moggie x

  • Thanks Moggie - will do x

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