Protocol for diagnosing Hypoadrenalism

Anyone who was watching the Pernicious Anaemia Society conference live-streaming online today would have seen that the amazing Dr Chandy did a presentation entitled “B12 Deficiency & Autoimmune Poly Endocrine Syndrome (APS)". If you weren't watching, where were you?!

This was very interesting for Thyroid UK members. He was talking about finding out what else is wrong with people, if you have identified and treated their B12 deficiency, but they remain unwell. He mentioned hypothyroidism as one possible additional diagnosis, even when falling in the "normal" TSH range, but he was actually talking a lot more about adrenal issues. He has apparently put together a suggested Protocol for diagnosing and treating Hypoadrenalism, in much the same way as his Protocol for B12. As soon as it's available online I'll post a link to it.

There were many other interesting presentations obviously about B12, and I think the whole conference will be available to view on youtube at some point.


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Thanks Hampster! :)

Martyn Hooper will be speaking at the TUK conference in Oct 2014. :)



TUK conference 14th Oct. Has it been and gone Louise please?

As edited above I meant Oct 2014! :)



...thank you Hampster - I will look out for the link when you are able to post it....

Interesting, would be particularly interested in disgnosing hypoadrenalism. Thank you

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