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Help for overactive brain

Not sure this is right place to post but a bit desperate as my son(40) has had problems with vit B12 deficiency(and others) and was in hospital 8 days after emergency last year, he got injections and then tablets, also takes D3 and multivit. I rang him yesterday and he could hardly speak for sobbing he is depressed and says he is exhausted but cannot sleep due to his brain being on overdrive, cannot relax and has to get up and walk about. Doc has given him anti-depressants and sleeping pills which he says don't work just make him feel dopey. Last year doc said his thyroid results were normal?? could he have adrenal problem? I am Hypothyroid(Hashi) and celiac and his father is diabetic(2). Can anyone recommend anything natural that he could take that might help, would CoQ10 help? other recommendations?

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If he is hypo - and just because the doctor says he isn't, doesn't make it true - then there is nothing 'natural' that can replace hormones.

The problem is that doctors don't understand thyroid, cannot read blood tests, and do not know that the time the tests are done should be taken into consideration - they don't even do the right tests, half the time! Does he have a copy of his results? It's very important that he gets into the habit of asking for a copy every time he has a blood test.

Maybe he should get private tests, so that they all get done, no argument. He needs :






vit D

vit B12



That will give him a better idea of what is going on - because obviously something is!


Thanks for the prompt reply, will see if he can get these done.

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please note - lots of information on B12 deficiency on the PASoc forum

suggest that you repost there


Thank you.


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