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L-Methylfolate for Depression

I've just read this *very* interesting article on a psychiatry specialists' website:

Two questions: is anyone here using L-Methylfolate (Deplin) to treat depression and could that explain why I felt at my very brightest and best (mentally and emotionally) during my two pregnancies? I took 400mcg folic acid right the way through both, rather than stopping at three months.

And is the L-Methylfolate in Deplin the same as the methylfolate in the Jarrows tablets on Amazon (other websites are available)?

Definitely going to be talking to my GP about this!

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Methylfolate and folic acid are not same actually. Folic acid is synthetic , mfolate active form.

But being deficient to folate can cause depression and anxiety.

Using folic acid can cause paradoxal folate deficiency high folic acid blocking methylation. So a lot of folic acid in your blood but not getting into cells.

That is why you should take mfolate, starting low tho as it is active so it can kick in pretty hard.

With mfolate it is good to take other vitamin B' s as well.


I do know that, but if I don't have an MTHFR genetic defect then I should be able to convert folic acid to methylfolate without problem.


Oh in that case you should mfolate definitely. Jarrow is recommended on Phoenixrising forum where people know a lot about these things.


I assume you have Hashimoto's - this is auto-immune disease. (Confirmed by anti-body blood test)

When pregnant auto-immune problems stop - this is part of the mechanism so that your body doesn't reject the foreign body that is the baby.

So Hashimoto's improves/stops while pregnant. Sadly after pregnancy ends any immune problem can return with more of a jolt than before, but hopefully improving a bit as hormones all rebalance.


I gave my son methylB12 and then introduced methylfolate. I would say it definitely lifted mood, and for quite a long time. The effect then went, but perhaps I wasn't continuing to get it into him often enough. Worth a go - there seems to be relatively little risk.

Thanks for the post, nice to see some psychs can think out of the box.


I have not read the article you're posting about, but just want to point out - in case you're not aware - that Treatment-Resistant Depression is often caused by insufficient T3.

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This is very interesteng i have mfthr and was a bit better when preg but also have sibo so bevame b12 when craved burgers feeding sibo :(

Aparently we can get deplin which is methyl dolate since i found out i have c677t ive bee do confused what to take but have bad anxiety and eepression

Low tsh ( even before one grain armour) and low t4 and bottom range t3

Nhs testing me for hyper as low tsh but t4 is under range and liw t3 ...

Another endo said its due to mfthr affecting my rhyroid ... ?!!

So confusing x


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