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Conference: B12, Thyroid and Your Patient - Linking nutrition, genetics & data

Conference: B12, Thyroid and Your Patient - Linking nutrition, genetics & data are holding a conference for healthcare professionals and educators on Saturday 16th May 2015 at the Loughborough University, Room J104, Edward Herbert Building, Loughborough, Leicestershire LE11 3TU.

The speakers are:

•Sally Pacholok RN BSN - The effect of B12 deficiency on all body systems. Symptoms, causes, those at risk and common misdiagnoses.

•Lorraine Cleaver Expert Patient - Diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disease from a patient's perspective.

•Umahro Cadogan Adjunct Professor of Nutrition - Genetic polymorphisms and the role of B12 and folate in methylation.

•Dr. Malcolm Kendrick MbChB, MRCGP GP - Doctoring data - how data are manipulated to present information in wildly inaccurate ways.

If you, or anyone you know, is a healthcare practitioner, this would be a good conference to attend to learn more about B12, thyroid and methylation.

For more information go to:

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Wow - I am tempted :-) Still cannot find any information about the film - maybe she would tell all at the conference ....


Oooh, I would dearly love to go to that. Wonder if I can borrow a white coat anywhere? I hope they do a transcript or videos online so we can read/watch it.


I attended the TPA conference in Harrogate yesterday where Dr Kendrick spoke about Doctoring Data. OH MY GOD!!! I'm not sure I will ever trust an NHS doctor again!! It's not all their fault though, they are trying to do their job but their hands are tied in so many ways. Dr Kendrick is based in Macclesfield and he has written a book. I'll try and look to see if it is available on amazon and post the link.

Dr Chandy also spoke about B12 Deficiency and actually made me cry with the stories of some of his patients and how the NHS had failed them. It's an utter disgrace.

I do hope plenty of practitioners attend this conference, they need to be far more aware of how B12 Deficiency can affect us and also how much we need to be taking if deficient.

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I've just bought Doctoring the Data for my kindle. Dr K is absolutely wonderful. I was lucky enough to hear him speak at the Harcombe Diet Club Conference in 2013 and he just blows common sense through all the so called 'facts'. My doc told me at my last review for cholesterol that I had a 10% chance of heart attack in the next 10 years and to take statins. I said 'surely that means I've a 90% chance of not having one'. No statins for me. I really hope there's going to be a video available for un non practitioner folk.


Dr Chandy is another doctor who is being persecuted for treating his patients and making them well. He is ordering too many B12 injections!


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