Any ideas

Blood test came back as this TSH 0.03 lab - (0.4-5.00)

T4 21 lab (8-21) that's all I've got what am I any ideas going to see a endo in dec my symptoms are tired, moody, hot, aches in legs arthritis nails brittle periods are erratic I'm on no medication at all my thryoid is being watched/ tested for years since I was 20 I'm now 42 I have family history also have a goitre doc thinks it may be a auto immune disease

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  • Hi

    have you had B12 tested? x

  • Not that I know of ive been tested for thyroid autoantibodies and full blood counts so if it's been done it's in there and I don't know what to look for

  • When you have blood tests always ask for a copy and keep for your own records and also to post here if you have questions. We also need the ranges of those tests (figures in brackets).

  • Thanks I have that's all I had tested that's y I asked that question I put a dash - to show lab ranges I'll put them in brackets if u want

  • Hi Loubel, I have been posting videos pertaining to the Hidden Causes of Low Symptom in autoimmune Hashimoto. This is a functional medicine approach rather than endocrine since your own immune system has chosen the thyroid as a target but it could be any other organ or receptors in your body. They are short, five minute sessions on different parts of the thyroid system so I'll just post the first one and I might suggest #11 since it talks about progesterone deficiency as your age might indicate.

  • Hi have you had a needle biopsy or a scan on your goiter? This could be causing some of your symptoms. :)

  • What would it be if it's that causing the some of the symptoms does that mean it's not working properly

  • It's been scanned to see if it's growing but it's not

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