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Any Ideas on my thyroid meds?

I had my thyroid removed 25 years ago. More recently, I've been diagnosed with chronic fatigue. Since its often stated that chronic fatigue is just a bunch of hypothyroid symptoms, it seemed like too much of a coincidence, so I've been playing with my meds. I switched to NDT in the summer and am now up to 5.5 grains. I've improved a little but not nearly enough.

It's also often said that "you'll know if you go hyper". My temps are still on the low side, my resting pulse is 70-80 (I'm 40, male and haven't been able to exercise for 2 years), and my hands don't tremble most of the time. I suppose I may be hyper but don't feel much different from when I was on a much lower dose.

I'm not sure what try next. I'm aware that I'm on a high dose and don't want to blow myself up, but my bloods were low in range when I was on 3 grains (see my profile).

Ferritin and adrenals checked and ok.

I think my key options are:

A) hold at 5.5 grains for another month and then get a blood test.

B) keep raising my dose until I feel better or hyper.

C) try swapping out the NDT for T3.

D) give up and say my illness has nothing to do with thyroid hormones.

In terms of option A, I'd need to use a new lab as it would be my first private test, so I'm not sure how much it will really tell me. I'm leaning toward option C, but would welcome any thoughts.

Any opinions will be gratefully received.


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How long have you been on that dose?


Two weeks.


OK, well I would go for A then, personally. And then get your FT4 & FT3 tested to see where you are

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And your ferritin looks way too high, which often indicates inflammation. Also your first saliva test result is very high. I don't know much about adrenal treatment but I think that needs help


And I wouldn't worry about using a different lab. it's where you fall in the range that is most useful


Hi Isaac

First of all I would like to say what a brilliant Profile with all the necessary information you've written and I'm sorry your thyroid gland had to be removed.

I agree with HarryE about going for A at present. If you haven't improved much after six weeks I would then think of adding some T3 to your NDT.

Get any blood test at the earliest and fast (you can drink water). Leave about 24 hours between your last dose of NDT and the test and take NDT afterwards. This allows the TSH to be at its highest as it diminishes through the day (but some of us do need a very low or suppressed TSH). Bearing in mind that by taking other than levothyroxine that our bloods wont conform as they were introduced for the use of levo only.

You may have become unable to convert levothyroixine for some reason, maybe due to the viruses you've had which reduced your FT3 levels.

CFS is just another excuse (I believe) for trying to 'diagnose' a problem which, theoretically shouldn't occur if we're on sufficient hormones but have chronic fatigue/pain.

This is a link which has a wealth of information information and not the 'modern' way of treating. Dr Lowe died two years ago caused by an accident. Some links within may not work but we can still access most of the topics which are at the top of the page. Dr Lowe himself had thyroid hormone resistance and his dose was 150mcg of T3 daily.

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Many thanks to both of you for your advice. I think I'll go with A and get a blood test (although I'm not sure what I'll do with the result since I'm more than willing to be outside the reference range if it makes me well). I'll also investigate my adrenals again I think.

Thanks again.


Sounds like you 'might' have 'exercise resistance,' (I had this) I believe this is down to adrenals.

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Coastwalker, thanks for this. What did you do to resolve your resistance?


My own exercise resistance, think this is probably down to adrenals, resolved itself almost overnight once optimally medicated.

Yes i agree with the others about your FT3, it is just a tad below halfway in the range. FT3 is the most important one to look at as it shows what is really going on inside you.

Many don't convert FT4 to active FT3.

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