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Latest blood results

Latest result on 100 thyroxine - tsh 3.1(.5-4.5), t4 21(10-20), t3 4.1(3.5-6.0)

Previous result on same dose 6 weeks ago tsh 1.2, t4 19, t3 4.7 (same reference ranges as above)

Still have quite typical hypo symptoms so am wondering is tsh trying to tell me something??!!

Also been diagnosed with inner ear problem that messes with the body big time and gives many similar symptoms as hypo so not sure what box to put stuff in at the moment- a real mess :(

Worse symptoms are coldness, pins and needles, fatigue, tight chest.

Thanks for any ideas

Lynda from Oz xxx

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The free t4 has increased but the free t3, the active hormone, has decreased, hence the tsh triying to get your thyroid to work harder. It looks like you could have a problem converting t4 into t3.... Are you taking selenium? It's needed for conversion.... If not, then buy some.. Dose is 200 mcg or mg. (whatever it ones in) per day. Do you have ferritin levels over 70. Also needed, There are several other causes, but these two most common. And you have to start somewhere......



Thankyou. Just starting selenium so hoping that helps somewhat.


Did you do anything about your low iron? I am finding that the more my iron levels increase the more I am having to reduce my levo due to my conversion getting better. If I remember rightly your iron was pretty low wasn't it?

Moggie x


Hi Moggie!!!

Yeah, working on a few things. Going to add just a little more thyroxine (50 mcg a week) to come up to 107 average. Looks like a bit of up and down fiddling to get level right now as my body settles into each dose. Much longer journey than I EVER expected!!!! Xxx


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