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Latest results on t3 only. After an increase in T3 meds my T3 level has actually gone down??? Help please

Hello to everyone

Am a bit perplexed as my T3 only meds were increased from 20 mcg to 30 mcg and the latest test result show my T3 level has gone down slightly. Why would this be? Any comments would be gratefully received.

Test results as follows

July on 20 mcg

TSH 5.25 (0.35-5)

T4 4.3 (7-20)

T3 4.6 (3.5-5.3)

Sept on 30 mcg

TSH 2.53 (0.35-5)

T4 4.3 (7-20)

T3 4.2 (3.5 - 5.3)

Still have loads of hypo symptoms. Does this result suggest a further increase is needed.?


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Yes, it does suggest an increase if you still have clinical symptoms. This is how one doctor treated his patients. The main question to ask yourself when taking thyroid hormones is 'how do I feel'. If well you are on optimum and if still having symptoms, you need a slight increase till you feel well.

Usually, a TSH below 1 or suppressed although some feel better slightly higher.

If you haven't read this link, this is just for your information.


Thanks shaws for the reply.

What I still dont understand is why my T3 level would go down when my meds were increased.


I think results can vary and yours is not by very much and it's not so much the circulating amount in your blood but what's in the cells, which we cannot measure.

This is a link which I found interesting too.


Were the blood tests taken at different times? This may account for the slight difference perhaps?


Thanks for the reply. No the blood tests were taken at the same time just before 9 in the morning.


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