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new blood results, quick overview please?

Got today, TSH 1.48 (up from 0.61 last month) T4 12.3 (normal in Feb was 67!) on 5mg carb now said did not have T3 but it was 'good balance' feel fine, have a few palpitations (if I drink!) and injury to finger not healed since April - crushed knuckle slipping over..... just need bit of reassurance this is OK... thank you...

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Hi Tilly - I just wanted to respond - however I know nothing about graves or treatment.

Your TSH and T4 results are probably in range - but folks do need the ranges as they vary from lab to lab.

I'm glad your treatment is working and you are feeling better. Best wishes Jane D:


thanks, met a woman yesterday I thought had the same as me, she has since been diagnosed, directed her to this site..... she was really worried, so it's good to know about all this wonderful help and support available... thank you ..x


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