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I want to try natural dessicated thyroid medication

I was taking thyroxine for many years and never felt well. Luckily my go gave me t3 40mcg a day. I did feel better initially but now don't feel well again. I have terrible tiredness and so many other symptoms. I saw an endo at hospital and he said all tests were normal and couldn't do anymore. I asked about ndt and he said not licensed here so wouldn't prescribe. I am desperate to try it as Dr peatfield recommended to try. He put me on adrenal tablets as well but they haven't helped. I also spoke to Lynn myott and said I can get on NHS but my go doesn't want to know. I would like to try nature thyroid. Where can I get it without prescription and is it costly?

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Hi, I have sent you a personal message with the tel no of the doc I use. Hope you get help.


Many people buy it online as the NHS won't give it to them.


Some doctors will prescribe it. I have been offered armour through St Thomas' Hospital in London.


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