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Thank you to all here


Truly just wanted to thank everyone here, posters and admin alike. I'm sure we all so appreciate the patience and advice we get here, there is nowhere else we can ask such questions, pour out our problems and get such help, advice and information. It's such invaluable help.

When I post I do search similar problems and see we are all desperate for help in our various ways and I don't feel so alone.

So grateful for this forum and the selfless time given to helping us all, as I'm sure all members are. Just a Thank You.

j x

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Yes, Thank you for all I've learned. I'd still be Vitamin D deficient (and Folate) if it wasn't for this forum.



I'll second that, the selflessness of those who give their time to help and support to others on this forum is truly heartwarming.

Thank you one and all!:)

An excellent website and good advice is given


Totally agree. So much helpful information and advice. But yes, that important feeling that others are on the same road and you are not a loony tune. Means so much. Thank you.

Absolutely agree. This site has changed my life for the better. The information and advice given has enabled me to improve my health and obtain the medication I needed. Thankyou all so much xxx

Here here! Such an amazingly helpful & positive, proactive community. I've learnt so much in a few weeks here & it's made me much more positive about improvements I can make rather than getting bogged down in the negatives.

When I discovered this site 1 years ago It was like reading my own life story over and over again.. proving I wasn't insane with my symptoms.. they weren't all in my matter how many doctors seemed to think it was and i was even sent for cognitive behavioural therapy to deal with my weight issues! After 3 sessions therapist told me there's nothing wrong in my head!!🤔🤔 it's medical.. amazing isn't it ?? I've learnt all about T3/T4, NDT and the importance of vitamins .. none of this came from my came from this valuable site that I keep telling every one about !!! So thanks to all on it fir continued advice and support!! Great post Jib70😁😁

Absolutely agree, the kindness and brilliant advice I've received from the administrators and posters on this site has helped me through so much in the past eighteen months. Big thanks and much appreciation.

Ps, like mitch27 I got sent to psychiatry too. It was advice from shaws on this site helped me finally get an endocrinologist referral.

I really do not know where I would be now without the knowledge and support of all on this site...I was in a total fog until a friend recommended this site and I started to learn from all of you. The administrators guidance has been remarkable. The users have helped me to feel I was not alone. I’m now on the right dose of levo and able to speak with knowledgable to professionals who are not. Thank you 👍

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I too am extremely grateful for this forum. I felt alone, frightened and lost.

I have learn a lot from the kind and knowledgeable fellow sufferers that post.

A huge thank you to you all.

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