Would you LIKE to RECOMMEND?

Would you LIKE to RECOMMEND?

Over the past few years most of us have become familiar with various ways of saying that we like things we see on the internet. Facebook’s Like. Recommend on the Guardian’s site. Thumbs up and Thumbs down symbols on the Daily Mail. And probably at least dozens of other things around the untold millions of sites out there.

Here on HU, since the great upgrade, we have had a Recommend button by our questions, posts, responses and replies. This was something quite a number of people had asked to be in the upgrade.

Sadly, though they are there, hardly anyone seems to be using the Recommend buttons.

Maybe some people think that clicking on Recommend is saying something more than Like? Really, it isn’t. It is simply the word that the HU people decided to use. It can apply if you appreciated the information, the support, even the laugh when someone manages to post something amusing. It means that you are happier that the item was posted than if it had not been posted.

Maybe some people have not really noticed the Recommend buttons?

Maybe some people think there is absolutely nothing that deserves a click of the Recommend button? Sad if it is true. But entirely your opinion.

Racking up lots of Recommend clicks is absolutely NOT meant to be competitive. It is simply a way of expressing appreciation or approval when you don’t feel moved to write your own response or reply.

If you read something that you feel positive about, please do Recommend it. You might make the poster happy – especially if they were feeling worried about their first posting. You might help to draw the attention of others to a particularly good item.


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wonder how many 'likes' this post will get from us that hadn't noticed it before lol

First thing I did was scroll down to see, to find I wasn't the first :P

Thanks for posting Rod! :)


So why don't you just change the 'Recommend' tag to 'Like' - which is probably what most people feel familiar with?

I SO agree to this, it should be 'Like' and not 'recommend' what a silly thing to call it!

Me too!

I've noticed that if you click on it twice then it un- recommends or cancels your recommendation, so you can't "like" it more than once (unfortunately :D )

Because this is decided by HU - not us.

Yes, well, what I meant was, why can't HU change it?!

well it is still a silly thing to call it 'recommend' and I have emailed them to tell them so LOL :D

lol, I agree, its not as if it even comes up as a 'recommended' post in the feed... although possibly thats to follow. I'm still going to call it a like button for now though :)

"Like" :D

Thanks for this Rod. You do need to be logged in for the 'recommend' to work as I've just found out!

Well we don't want just anyone clicking! :-)

You are, of course, quite right.


Thanks for bringing this to my attention, I am guilty , i have never thought about it in the way that you have explained

and it makes a lot of sense so again thank you Rob.

hi there rod , thanks for the heads up on this .... I for one had no idea what this section was about .....just a thought though it may be useful if this post was 'pinned ' on to the questions & posts sections . because if you miss a couple of days there are so many items you could well miss this information ....alan

well I never noticed it until you said Rod.....even with my glasses on.....arghhhhh there is no hope for me!

What's more everyone -don't write your reply and then BEFORE submitting your reply start clicking on the Recommends -cos if you do your reply disappears......and you will have to re-write it!! Guess this is why I don't work in IT!!! He-he :)

And why are some Recommends green and some blue?

I think they are blue until you have clicked - then they go green!

Sun is too strong to see my own screen properly.


thanks rod x

Ah ha -that makes sense Rod -and more proof that my ICT skills are through rote acquisition than common sense! :) :)

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