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I am in need of some help please. After reading a lot of your posts at 5am this morning I decided to put an order in with a Mexican chemist for 'Levothyroxine ' However, after registering with them and placing this order with express delivery I have not received a confirmation email to confirm my registration or the order I placed. When I have tried to log back into the site it says that my details are not recognised. I have sent an email out lining my concerns to the chemist itself but still have not received a replay.

I am now concerned that I have chosen the wrong/dud chemist. Can the ladies who deal with the Mexican chemists when ordering their meds please pm me to tell me which chemist it is that they use so I know which chemist to trust. :-)

Thank you lovely people xxxx

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  • Check with your Credit Card company to make sure nothing has been taken out.

  • Calling us all "girlies" isn't going to make many people want to help. Most of the members are adults, and some of the members are male.

    In response to your question, sorry I've never bought levothyroxine nor have I ever bought from Mexico, so I can't help.

  • Thank you shaws xx

  • I'm afraid I can't help but do hope you haven't been scammed. If you do manage to find a reputable supplier would you please be kind enough to message me with the information as I am also looking for a new one as mine has stopped supplying the UK without a prescription :(

  • I will do Emjaytee xxxx

  • Thank you Tmacks :) xxxx

  • I apologise humanbean it wasn't my intention to offend, I will change my post to suit everyone xxx

  • I apologise too, for getting so shirty over nothing.

    When you write posts one of the options you are given is to make the post visible to Everyone or the Community. It defaults to Everyone. This means that the post will be visible to the entire internet, and will eventually be listed on Google.

    If you choose to make the post only visible to the Community then only the people who are members of Health Unlocked Thyroid UK community can see it.

    If people choose Everyone then posts cannot be edited afterwards. Posts visible to the Community only can be edited after posting. You can tell the difference between the two after posting by whether or not there is a padlock after the title or the number of replies. If there is a padlock it is restricted to the Community.

  • I'm sorry humanbean but I'm finding it difficult to edit my post and so that is why it remains the same. I'm new to this forum and so I'm hoping to find my way around it real soon. Apologies again and I will not make a repeat performance xx

    Update; I've changed it, phew :-) xx

  • You know, there are a lot of men who post here too. :)

  • Hi as You can see by my posts that I apologised straight away and I also changed what I had said. I didn't mean to offend anyone and corrected my error. I only joined this site yesterday and made my first error in the same day.

    I am sure that we all have other pressing issues and that this error of mine, that i corrected straight away along side a public apology does not really need to be jump on any longer, I am sure that there is more to everyone's life than trying to catch people out on their mistakes; like getting better and learning as much as we can about our conditions.

    I bid you good day sir xx

  • I'm a woman. :)

    Tmacks, I'm sorry - I genuinely didn't mean to upset you. The trouble with the written word is that sometimes you can't see the smile behind the words - though I tried to impart that with my smiley face icon.

  • Lol ok no offence taken and then I also apologise to you Hun :-) I'm not in the best of moods with everything going on so I probably took it in the wrong way xx

  • Ok thank you for taking the time out to explain a few valuable pointers, appreciate it :-) xxx

  • Just to let everyone know that the pharmacy that I had issues with at the beginning of the day seems to be sorted now. They have corresponded with me on and off for the past hour via email and live chat. They have also deducted £5 off my order for the inconvenience caused. So here's hoping I receive my meds very soon, yay :-) xxx

  • Tmacks,I feel slightly disappointed that you have been made to feel bad for using the term "girlies". Most of us with thyroid illnesses feel rotten anyway,and people being critical just add to our low mood.

    I'm not agreeing with your use of the word,but would hope that others could have a little more understanding.

    By the way,before anyone comments back to me, I am a social worker and understand everything about being PC !

  • Awwww thank you for your support and it will be an error that I will not be repeating :-) xxx

  • Tmack, what dose T3 have you ordered? Please do not take 75mcg Triyotex if you have never taken T3 before.

  • It's Levothyroxine at 25mcg, I have never taken it before. I may even half the tablet to see if it suits first. Thank you for your concern clutter.

    I am self medicating but don't want to get it wrong, so if you think I am going down the wrong route I would be more than happy to hear your veiw. You see I haven't felt right for about a year now; head aches, fog, very very low mood, tired all the time, I've put 3.5 stone on in a year yet my eating habits were no different than before, (the weight isn't a big issue as I'm quite tall and I was skinny to start off with) I just do not function the same, I am out of breath, in the latter 3 mths, some days I struggle to get out of bed. I have a strange taste in my mouth (yes I brush, floss and use mouth wash) my friend suggested this site as she has an under active thyroid as well as other issues and said that she found out loads of information and now self medicates and feels so much better. My doctor won't do tests and just says I am depressed. It seems that is the answer for everything with regards my doctor. I feel after reading a lot that I may too have an under active thyroid and alao nerve damage to both of my hands, but that's a different story. I didn't know where else to turn and so I have taken my friends advice to join this site. I've also noticed links so that I can buy a test so that will be my next step ( didn't spot the link till after I ordered the medication) sorry for going on, any info would be greatly received even if you think I am going in the wrong direction xxxx

  • Tmacks, I advise you to have TSH, FT4 and FT3 thyroid blood tests BEFORE you take Levothyroxine. If you can run to the full profile add the thyroid antibodies tests too.

    You can order home test finger prick thyroid blood tests from Blue Horizon and Genova via

    You need to know your levels to estimate how much Levothyroxine to take, not guess at it. If your thyroid results are abnormal your GP should treat you on the NHS.

  • Thank you clutter, I have saved your message. Here's hoping I find out. :-) xxx

  • Tmacks, I don't want to spend your money but having re-read your earlier reply I would also advise having ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate tested.

    Low B12 can cause neuological symptoms which may be connected to your hand problems.

    Low ferritin and low vitD can cause musculoskeletal pain, fatigue and low mood similar to hypothyroid symptoms.

  • Oh ok thanks for that info xx

  • All the information is greatly appreciated and if I have to spend my money to find out exactly what is wrong then I will save and do so. I just want my life back and be able to do things with my kids again :-) thank you Hun xxxx

  • Just followed the link and did the test and from the information I have given I am in need of b12. Will keep researching so I have enough information to go back to my doctor with. Thank you so much :-) xxx

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