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kum on all you people [members ]

come on all you good people who use and get super advice and empathy from this site , remember there is a DAMN site of people that help US , please please please check the POST 'ali ali everywhere ' if we can double the results [ which if 1% of the current members agree to 'match at the % at the lowest --1p per £1 raised--- ] WE should be able to help a hell of a lot of people in the future .....the MAIN guys and gals on this site put time/effort and all their hearts into what they do I THINK ITS TIME FOR US TO STAND UP AND BE APPRECIATIVE for what they have done and hope they will carry on with OUR fight with this abysmal treatment that too many of us are suffering ==== just think but for this where would you go for advice ????-----and always remember 99.9% of the people that I speak about DO NOT GET PAID OR RECIEVE ANY KIND OF PAYMENT IN ANY WAY -----please contact either myself or louise at admin if you wish to KUM ON BORD.......alan

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Quite right Alan, and thank you. As many of you know today Lyn has been in Scotland working hard as always for us all for absolutely no payment.

The greatest problem for any charity is raising money to do all that has to be done, and Thyroid UK is no exception.

We welcome every effort to help Thyroid UK continue its work as we receive no funding other than what we raise ourselves.

Please support Alan to help Thyroid UK to help you.

Thanks Alan and thanks everyone. Jane x

p.s. Alan, could you please give us the link to your original post.


Why not pin it so it does not move down?


as a techno idiot [ and proud ] all I can say is check the 'POSTS' part of the site and scroll down--poss 2/3pages until you get to the heading 'ALI,ALI ,EVERYWHERE ' and then you should be able to get the further details .......together with louise's follow up' assured that I WILL RETURN ALL KARMA THAT COMES MY WAY and if I am able to do this in my small way =====IT WILL BE RETURNED TO ME ==== the funds [whatsoever they may be WILL be there --sacrosanct--] --but if we can get a little [?] more ----lets just hope that through this some may think that the more small things that join together HOW MUCH PUSH WILL WE HAVE.!!!...alan all respect to those that went to caldonia to fight OUR cause ....alan


I will pin ali ali everywhere Alan - so you won't need to post another new thread. :) xxx


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