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Tummy bug

Hi one of the lovely groups I attend with my baby has given us a tummy bug spent early hours very poorly. So my questions are I very much believe my meds would have come back up and 2. There was still alot of food in my tummy and I take my meds at night would that mean if there is still food in my belly every night my meds wont get asbord? Thank you sorry if tmi xc

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Sorry you did not have any replies - am responding to put this back on the latest activity screen...





I' sorry you've caught a tummy bug and hope baby has avoided it.

I wouldn't worry too much about the dose you took.

It is preferable to wait around 2 hours after a meal for your stomach to empty before you take your medication.

This is an excerpt from Dr Lowe:-

Most of our patients wait at least one hour after taking thyroid hormone before they eat. Or they wait at least two hours after eating before they take thyroid hormone. The two hour wait is a rough estimate of the time it takes for food to pass through the stomach and small intestine. It’s worth noting, however, that several factors can increase the time a patient should wait before taking thyroid hormone

I assume you do this as you say you take your meds at night. Also, if you take supplements you have to take them 4 hours apart from your medication.


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