Tummy Issues?

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To keep a very long story short, I started to feel unwell end of last year, perked up and then permanently feeling like poop since June! Since August time I started to experience what felt like dull menstrual aches most of the time as well as a dull burning/cold sensation in my pelvic area and tops of my legs. I also get niggly pains all over my tummy, my upper abdomen felt tender at one point and I sometimes get lower back ache on the right hand side. I ended up having my appendix out in Sep which turned out to be non inflamed or ruptured. I've had so many blood tests done and the results come back as normal apart from elevated calcium and fluctuating PTH hormone and my Thyroid is all over place so I'm awaiting an Endo appointment but have a Thyroid ultrasound in 3 weeks as my GP said I have a Goitre. I also had elevated Thyroid Antibodies. I had an abdominal CT in A&E in Jan which was all normal. I just wondered if anyone else has abdominal issues and if it could be related to Thyroid/Parathyroid?

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  • Try this reent questionm which should leave you with no doubts that thyroid and stomach issues can go hand in hand, Read all the answers, as some of the stories explain a lot.


    Hope it helps.

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  • Hi, because of your PTH and calcium issues, you should request a DEXA bone density scan, and look into your Vit D3 levels. Also read about Vit K2.

  • Hi Just as a precaution ask for a CA125 blood test. Also I would ask for an ultra sound of the abdomen, also U`s and E`s ( kidney function) and LFT`s, liver function. if these do not show anything, persevere trust in your instinct.

    If Endo is good, they will have lots of ideas..

    Best wishes,


  • Hi again,

    Not very clear about PTH , have you had a nuclear PTH scan? The only way to see what it is doing.It is normal to have it done if an AM blood test for calcium, PTH and vit D, show above range. D may be lower sometimes. If calcium over range, do not take any vit D. If calcium 3 or over, you need treating with a I.V in hospital.


  • Hypothyroidism can cause lots of abdominal symptoms often due to IBS which can lead to misdiagnosis of other problems (IBS patients have far more operations for appendix, gall bladder, hysterectomy - i.e. unnecessary operations). Hypothyroidism also causes gynaecological problems (of which I've no experience!). So I would avoid the temptation to have excessive investigation at the moment and concentrate on resolving your thyroid problem. Once the thyroid is sorted you can then folow up the remaining symptoms (if any).


  • Thank you everyone. All my scans for abdominal and pelvic have always come back clear, also when I had my appendix out via Laporoscopy there were no issues. My urine is sometimes cloudy. A nurse suggested I could possibly have an autoimmune disease and I'm awaiting blood results for those. Although my TSH is usually in the lower range, I can relate to symptoms of Hyper and Hypo, is this normal?

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