Yet another blip - how do I get over tummy bug?

As I have posted on here before, I am doing really well on a GF diet and have given up dairy as well which seems to be helping my RA. However, my daughter and grandchildren arrived on Tuesday for a weeks stay (we are currently in France) and when they arrived my daughter was not well as she had a tummy bug - can you see where this is going?!! I went down with the same bug 2 days ago and although it was only a 24 hour bug, I still feel really yucky and don't want to eat. Everyone else was over this in less than 2 days but here we are at day 3 and I still feel rubbish - anyone out there know of a miracle cure?? or at least suggest something I could take to make me feel like eating?

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It may be good to give your gut a rest. Drink loads of water - which I am sure you do anyway - to keep hydrated and flushing through. May be your gut flora is adjusting with your new regime and could be prolonging things....

So glad to read the GF and DF are helping your RA.....

Yep drinking loads of water so hopefully that will help. Just sitting down to bacon and eggs - 2 mouthfuls and going strong. Interestingly, I just re-read a post I put on here 4 months ago after another bug (that's what comes with being a hands-on grandma!!) and it definitely affected me badly then so just something we have to live with I guess x


Loobs, I always keep a few 1 liter tetrapaks of coconut water around for situations like this. A cup or two will make a person feel right. It rehydrates because it contains a lot of potassium and magnesium and a bit of sugar. If vomiting and diarrhea get bad, then add a pinch of table salt as well. Coconut water is my 'emergency kit'. Good for constipation as well but then a person needs to drink 2 liters to get things moving.

Wonderful idea, thank you. I am feeling not too bad now but desperately thirsty and yet nothing I can drink seems to quench it. Water, tea etc. doesn't have any effect so just ate a chunk of fresh pineapple and that certainly helped. Ooooh I wonder if cold white wine maybe not!

Wine will have the opposite effect because alcohol dehydrates.

Next time you are at the supermarket check if they sell coconut water (no sugar added) and just stock up. I keep a couple of boxes at home in the kitchen, 1 in the car and 1 at work.

My daughter and her roommate made something using chorizo sausage that should have been thrown out. They got food poisoning: vomiting, diarrhea..... They were drinking water but it did no good. That's when the call came in to mom. I immediately drove down to their place, plied them with the coconut water and half an hour later they both felt well. It's a miracle thing. If the situation is really bad, then adding a pinch of salt helps.

Actually, what you could do is follow the WHO recommendation for diarrhea: 1 litre of water, 1 teaspoon of salt and 1 tablespoon of sugar. (It does not include potassium and magnesium which are present in coconut water). You can also add a level teaspoon of starch (potato starch/rice starch/corn starch). The rehydration therapy for cholera now includes starch. (I know you don't have cholera, but getting the gut to absorb water and eliminate the diarrhea benefits from adding the starch.)

It is so kind of you to reply - I am past the really ill stage but will definitely try the coconut water to slake my thirst. As for the wine, point taken - best left to others. xx

increase your acidophulus etc

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