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Please could someone help? Advice please

Hi everyone, I found this forum and is my first time posting.

Basically feb 2011, I felt really sluggish. And had blood test that revealed. My tsh was high but normal t4. And had thyroid antibodies. And said they would retest every 6months. Any how I didn't bother getting retested

Untill in may 13 I noticed my speech was slow, muddled words a lot, From August 18th. I have suffered severe vertigo attacks, tired, sluggish, irratible.

I went doctors who said I most probly had a inner ear infection. I sent me on my way. But sent me for blood tests.

Now I have severe stabbing head pains I've had them continuaaly for 6days. Every 1-2mins I will have a stabbing pain that last all of 2 secs. Continuously. So tired, Mentally slow.

I went drs Monday. And was told my tsh is high. And I have low t4. I have a underactive thyroid. And just booked me another blood test for 2 months time!

No meds.

I feel so ill, is this standard practice. Wait 2 months for another blood test. Or should I have been given meds there and then.

Prior to me going drs. I did actually call for my results and was told everything's normal. How rude.

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Why, if you have an underactive thyroid, have you been sent away for another two months?

I would go back and demand to know exactly what your levels are and the ranges, and why is your underactive thyroid not being addressed as you are suffering symptoms. Don't accept any 'sub-clinical' rubbish - if you have symptoms and signs it is NOT sub- clinical - which means 'without symptoms'. You have the right, if you are diagnosed as hypothyroid, to have treatment.

It has clearly got worse, which suggests possible autoimmune hypothyroidism, in which case treatment has been shown to stop it getting worse in a certain number of cases.

I do hope you can get some action.

Marie XX


She could have been treated at the beginning as she has antibodies. She shouldn't have had to wait this long :(


Yes, Carolyn, I overlooked that, it is DEFINITE autoimmune - should have bee treated immediately, you are absolutely right.


It's such a shame the doctors can't see what we can see!


I don't feel you have been adequately treated. As you have antibodies your doctor could have prescribe thyroxine when your TSH was first high in 2011, maybe after doing another test a couple of months later. Now you have had a high TSH for two years and symptoms and high antibodies you should have been treated sooner. You should definitely NOT have to wait another two months.

If this was your first blood test with high TSH and you didn't have antibodies then this would be standard practise, however your case is different and you need treatment.

Please push this case with your doctor. You should not have to wait two months for treatment with all those other clinical indicators.

Sorry you have been treated this way :(

Carolyn x


I feel they don't want to treat me, they actually told me when I rang up for results, that everything was normal! It wasn't untill I went to the drs with the stabbing pains and still vertigo. The dr said my bloodwork shows u actually have a underactive thyroid and also high cholesterol.. And then fobs me off for another 2 months!! I'm 28. Female. I think after reading the comments. I am going to demand my lab results. And state I want to be treated. I just can't go another 2 months feeling like this.

Can I go and demand to be treated?


What exactly are your results - and the reference ranges?

The reason they try not to treat for a little while is in case this is a "blip" and your thyroid sorts itself out - which can happen. In that case you could go hyPER thyroid if you were taking meds as well


this happened to me go back and demand to be treated, why do doctors treat us like this its criminal, good luck xx


you really really really need to get a copy [ which you have a legal right to ] of ALL of your test results and post them on here ..... you will get advice and pointers from the good people here as to where to go onwards and upwards to help your situation once the full info is available....LoL alan


Yes, tell them your TSH has been high for two years and there is absolutely NO need to wait any longer to make certain. Your thyroid has been failing for two years. Of course they would rather you NOT see your test results but you are permitted to have them and tell them you would like to track your progress. They won't like that either I suppose. Stand your ground.


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