Coconut Oil, the wonderful and natural thyroid cure!

Hello fellow sufferers of all issues thyroid! I saw this on a great website for natural and complimentary health and this really amazed me. I am sharing it here with you all. It couldn't hurt and many people swear by it, even got off their meds using it and what it is? Organic Coconut oil! Here are the links: and for testimonies of the many who did use this for great relief and effect here is this one: I am starting this now too, it can only help and I hope it does!

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  • I have heard about this. Of course the doc's for most of them do not agree. They want you to take the levo which I can understand because it is putting back the hormone we need. I guess using both wouldn;t hurt.

  • Will look into this & see what i can try thanks,,,,only just been diagnosed & put on Carbimazole so still all new to me....ive been reading some on here & we are all in the same boat & understand each other which in my book helps greatly...once again Thanks Sam xx

  • Just adding to my comment below. Are you hyper if you're taking Carbimazole? If so tred carefully as it improves my hypo symptoms so may well make any hyper symptoms worse.

  • Yes, it does raise metabolism. I am hypothyroid and it was recommended to take coconut oil first thing in the morning to do so. I put a teaspoon of it in my morning coffee. Some people fry their eggs in it as it is a good cooking oil.

  • Yes, it is good. It must be doing something because the only time I get hyper symptoms is after using it. So can't use it in cooking evening meal or awake all night!

    I'm not sure it could ever be a cure and its effect probably depends on what is wrong with your thyroid function. I don't have Hashis so maybe for me it helps with conversion.

    Worth a try - but not sure you'd just want to eat it direct - a bit like eating candle wax (not of course that ice ever done that!) as it is solid at room temperature.

  • Hi Wont coconut milk have oil in it,? could you just put ground coconut on your cornflakes or in porridge It comes in packets also in tins with the milk.

    wouldnt fancy the oil on its ownUGH

  • This is an extract:-

    Sorry, but there is a HUGE difference. Coconut oil is pretty much solid, and will melt like a chocolate bar when heated. Coconut milk is the liquid from the center of the coconut...yes it has a little fat in it, but it isntssomething you could use to substitute for the fatty coconut oil.

    It must be Virgin Coconut oil .

  • I use this for cooking and also as a moisturiser - I am not sure of its benefits yet as I have only just started using it but like the taste anyway so it is no hardship (except perhaps the price).

  • I massage this into my hair as losing it.Must start using it again.Maybe get another one for putting in tea in morning as been told by private doc im low thyrod though nhs say im ok.Cant sleep so exhausted all day

  • My daughter swears by it. It's the only thing she will put on her skin other than milk!

    She also uses it before and after being in the sun as it gives natural protection. She'd rather use that than expose her skin to all the chemicals in sun creams, and she NEVER burns.

    Jane x

  • Hi Jane

    Since I've had hypothyroidism I've become very sensitive to sunblock, ie mainly a swollen face with large wells and I've tried most. I have a dog to walk so if the coconut cream works then I will be eternally grateful to your daughter. x

  • It helps but i wouldnt say its a cure i cook with it instead of vegetable oil you can buy is relatively cheaply from tesco by the way no more than the price of a good bottle of extra virgin olive oil

  • Ideally, it should be Virgin Coconut Oil.

  • Tesco's sells the organic virgin coconut oil didnt think there was any different kind to be honest

  • Thank you for this useful and interesting article. It's great to have self help advice. I'd recommend organic cold pressed coconut oil from a glass jar, to make sure we're consuming the best quality oil ~ so important for cellular health! Non-organic = pesticides; heat treated oil = trans fats, plastic containers = chemicals potentially leaching into the oil - yuk! and all inhibitors of our precious thyroid function.

  • Where would you buy it.

  • Available in many supermarkets, health food shops, online and elsewhere.

    Have a look here:


  • Thank you

  • I get mine from - biona 400g good price. Lots of other nice food delivered fast.

  • Hi Julie, you can buy it in most health food shops or online. Try this link to a good product:

  • I've used coconut oil for years but still need my T3. Of course, I might be worse without the coconut oil, who knows?

  • I use to too on all the dry patches that flare up from time to time, usually when my Levo needs adjusting!

  • I use to too on all the dry patches that flare up from time to time, usually when my Levo needs adjusting!

  • Hi Everyone, really glad Organic Coconut oil is useful to you all. I know some put it in their coffee, which I tried but could not take the taste! I used some to cook eggs in yesterday which was ok. I have just found something else which may also be useful, low stomach acid may be why we lose our hair too, so here is the link and this doctor is also on very aware of thyroid and the use of natural medicine. The link is here:

  • It's a good article and this one is the connection to hypo:-

    This is an excerpt to another

    Mary Shomon: You are a proponent of coconut oil for thyroid patients. Can you explain why?

    Dr. Ray Peat: An important function of coconut oil is that it supports mitochondrial respiration, increasing energy production that has been blocked by the unsaturated fatty acids. Since the polyunsaturated fatty acids inhibit thyroid function at many levels, coconut oil can promote thyroid function simply by reducing those toxic effects. It allows normal mitochondrial oxidative metabolism, without producing the toxic lipid peroxidation that is promoted by unsaturated fats.

    Mary Shomon: Do you have any thoughts for thyroid patients who are trying to do everything right, and yet still can't lose any weight?

    Dr. Ray Peat: Coconut oil added to the diet can increase the metabolic rate. Small frequent feedings, each combining some carbohydrate and some protein, such as fruit and cheese, often help to keep the metabolic rate higher. Eating raw carrots can prevent the absorption of estrogen from the intestine, allowing the liver to more effectively regulate metabolism. If a person doesn't lose excess weight on a moderately low calorie diet with adequate protein, it's clear that the metabolic rate is low. The number of calories burned is a good indicator of the metabolic rate. The amount of water lost by evaporation is another rough indicator: For each liter of water evaporated, about 1000 calories are burned.

  • Try putting some in you oatmeal with a Lil bit of peanut butter so you won't taste it

  • @ nani2598

    I thought peanut and butter were a no no?

  • Hi, I know this was done a few months ago but only recently joined the site. Can you use coconut oil if you have to have a low fat diet? Unfortunately, I had an acute pancreatitis attack a few months ago and now have to watch what I eat and follow a low fat diet for life and to have between 20/30g a day of fat.

  • Im going to try this too. It can't hurt. I will try with two tablespoons and see what it does. Going to get some today.

  • Hi

    I've just really come across coconut oil for thyroid function and was wondering two years on how you have benefited from this?

    I have started to use it for cooking.

    Many thanks

  • It is good for you, it helps the fatty acid chain so brain fog is gone and also helps skin, hair and digestion. I think it is well worth doing. Keep at it. See for yourself. :-)

  • Virgin coconut oil is extracted with in 48 hours from fresh coconuts after taken from the tree


  • you can get coconut oil very cheap on eBay or amazon

  • Go to Delivery plus many stores in UK towns. Cheap for other wholefoods

  • HI msc56, I love my VCO, fry only with it, moisturize with it, oil pull with it, I have read how helpful it is to thyroid, but I do not have the time, to go off meds, and maybe get well, I work 6 days a week, have a shop to run, all on my own. So if I had the money, I would defo go off my meds.

    The combination of what I take now, keeps me pretty healthy.

  • Who said you should go off your meds? I would never promote that but hey some have and they even reversed their Hashi's..but no I do not advocate that.

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