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Thyroid balanced but excessive sweating?

Hi there, I have been on 100mcg thyroxine since February. My last blood test results in June were TSH 2.4 (range 0.5 - 5.5) and T4 17.1 (range 11 - 24), which are both bang in the middle. However, since being abroad in the heat and coming back to hot weather, I have been sweating more than I used to and producing a lot of saliva. The past couple of weeks, my upper lip has been almost constantly beaded with sweat and the edges of my lips have felt wet. Also, my husband commented on how hot I was to the touch the other morning. But how can this be if my bloods just three months ago were "normal". Any thoughts on this appreciated.

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Hello, You say that your thyroid is balanced, but do you still have any symptoms other than the sweating problem? I ask because although your TSH is in the middle of the range it could also be considered by some as a little high. Also have you had your T3 tested, and have you had any other tests e.g. for ferritin, folates, Vitamins B12 and D and intracellular magnesium. Jane x


Hi Jane, thanks for your response. I do feel tired still a lot of the time, even when I have had lots of sleep. But a lot of my hypo symptoms, like weak nails and hair, dry skin and dry eyes have improved since I upped my dose.

I haven't had any of those other things checked. Do you think that might help to work out what the problem is? I have booked another blood test soon, but do you think it will be easy to get those done on the NHS and a doctor to request them? Sorry, feeling a little despondent as a T4 test twice wasn't done this year despite being requested!


I'm sorry to say that which tests GP's will do is very much the luck of the draw. We have had no luck with our doctor, but I know that there are many people on this site who have had the tests done on the NHS, so it really is worth a try. If the doctor can't give you a reasoned explanation for your current symptoms then she has no reason to not comply with your request. You want to know what is wrong with yourself, and so should she.

Would you be able to take someone with you to the doctor to back you up.. This sometimes helps.

Are you sweating in other areas of your body e.g. back, legs?

Jane x


Thanks Janeb, worth a try! If these results are "normal" again, I will go back and request the others, perhaps bring my

husband with me to corroborate the feeling hot at night. When I'm sat still and it's not too warm, it's just my upper lip. But if I do any physical activity or drink coffee, I sweat profusely under the armpits. If I'm sat in a hot car or walk into town on a warm day, my torso is also pretty sweaty. I think I'm partly concerned because up until fairly recently, I would barely break a sweat even if I went to the gym, so it's the contrast between the two that makes it seem particularly weird.


I get like this several times a day. I get really hot and sweaty. I mentioned it to my Consultant just over 2 weeks ago an she jotted something down. As if on que I started sweating and became extremely hot. The Consultant took my hand, she asked if I was ok and passed me a tissue, it was wet after wiping my face.

She said 'I think we will have full blood works done!'

I was so pleased. I asked if I could have copies of my results which she agreed to. Not heard anything yet, neither has my Dr.

My feet are always cold, especially my toes.

I am not over weight and I have had my menopause.

If anyone has any suggestions I'm sure it would help us both.



Hi Stormyone, I wouldn't be confident in making any suggestions about that. But it's good news that your doctor has listened to you and agreed to get full bloods done. I do hope they get to the bottom of what is causing your symptoms soon.


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