Blue Horizon blood test - advice please

I have just received my Thyroid Plus 11 blood test in the post. I'm not taking any medication currently. Is it best to take the blood test in the morning before eating? I'm concerned about the blood taking over 24 hours to get back to the lab. If I do it this morning (now) and post it back to get there tomorrow morning it may not arrive till late morning. Wondering if that is a problem?



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  • Yes do it first thing in the morning before eating and leave 24 hours since you last took levo or any other supplements.

    They will have calculated issues with the post in it so don't worry.

  • Thanks very much.

  • lindajrst BH suggest using Royal Mail Guaranteed by 1pm Next Day if unsure your sample might arrive in time. I use it every time and it has always been signed for around 8-9am. I have to get mine to the post office by 4pm.

    BH provide a prepaid envelope.The staff at my post office always deduct the prepaid postage off the total price of sending it by Guaranteed by 1pm.

  • Think I'll do that. Royal mail are pretty good but I wouldn't want to risk it not arriving on time. Thanks for your help.

  • You'll have to wait until Monday to produce the blood samples now. It's too late to do it today, and if you do it tomorrow it will arrive on Saturday, and sit waiting for processing in the lab over the weekend. That wouldn't be a good idea.

  • Yes, I'll do it first thing Monday. Thanks.

  • You should find this helpful - assuming you are doing a finger-prick test :

  • Brill, thanks!

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