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Feeling Great

Wanted to postsomething positive for a change; i myself have been desperate to hear some positive news on here...........

I am finally feeling better that i have done for years after my doctor insisted i had my thyroid checked 8 months ago. I am clear headed, less tired, and much more energy which doesnt dip constantly. There is hope out there, its important to remember that!

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Thank you for this. There really are people out there who have had successful thyroid treatment, and we'd like to hear from them. They are getting on with their lives however and probably don't even look at sites like this, so thanks for letting us know.

Jane x x

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Yes, a self selecting bunch out of no choice.

I do think the majority of people visiting this site get an improved situation, eventually as many seem to resolve at least to be no worse off. The human interest support is important.

Maybe the site needs a feedback section where previous posters with/ [or now without ]probs can update with a link to the original post, even...

Mmmm- that would be worth HU input!

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...of course we hear of the difficulties people are experiencing as this is a Support Forum. However since I joined late in 2011 I have read endless positive things - I guess it depends on what we consider positive. For me it is all the positive advice given by so many knowledgeable people on this forum - but if people do not follow it and find improvement then it won't be considered positive. I have learnt many positive things since joining - the importance of B12 being high in the range, VitD levels likewise, understanding blood test results better than before, and other things too numerous to mention...the list is endless. It seems every week there is a valuable link to a new point of view or information - all positive in unravelling the mysteries of the thyroid and its associated conditions.

I am so pleased you are feeling so much better - and long may it last. I too am feeling well after 40 less than well years ! - and its thanks to the information gleaned on this forum which gave me the confidence to tweak my treatment and improve...all positive !


It is great when you start to feel better. It is encouraging for members too.

Lots of people do feel well on levothyroxine but most only search the internet when they aren't improving or have additional symptoms.

Best wishes


Thank you for posting and letting us know that you are feeling a lot better, it gives me and a lot of fellow sufferers so much hope for the future. Best wishes and I hope you continue to feel even better xx


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