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Feeling great !

I just wanted to write a short blog to tell people to not give up you can feel well again . I was diagnosed with under active thyriod more or less one year ago , at this time I felt terrible tired , terrible panic attacks , irregular periods , constipation and generally not a very nice person , I had felt like this for about 6 months . so I started on 75 levo per day , the first 2 weeks I felt so ill and as time went on they increased me to 100 mg . This was about the time I discovered this site , ( my life saver ) even when I could not get out of bed I could manage to look for help here ! I paid for all the suggested vitamin tests which proved to be deficient , so the supplements began . My main problem now was all the original symptoms had gone and I had been told I had fibromyalgia and cluster headaches and was receiving pain killing injection at times ! This could never be right was it the levo causing this ? At this point at 39 years old I felt I had had my best years and had become so desperate I decided to take matters into my own hands . I chatted with my doctor and told her the above to which she got her black book out and told me it was the medication , all the other doctors I had spoken to said not !!! Enough was enough I could not feel any worse the levo was stopped and I started Amour the next day , within 3 days I was on the road to recovery . I have been taking armour for about 3 months and feel fantastic , no more naps in the day no more aches and pains , the dog is having his walks again , and I'm even losing weight ! I want to thank this site for seeing me through a very scary time , your support kept me going . Wishing you all a heathy future xx

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Well done! I love hearing how folks get empowered and get better!

I've been reading Dr Broda Barnes book (1976) when he treated folks for various troubles with Armour and they got better! (OK occasionally some didn't but no harm done!)

It's very sad that docs think there's only one treatment available nowadays (dictated by who?) their hands are tied, even if they see 'classic' hypo symptoms they daren't prescribe without blood tests being well out of range. J :D

(and I'm glad you dog will be healthier for it too!)


Great to hear a positive story :-) x


Aww that's great to read, well done you for being determined. Hope you go from strength to strength. I agree about this site, the support is heartwarming!

Best wishes

Carolineanne x


big big welldone, thats really positive news, keep going. The support from all on here is remarkable, I would of lost the plot long ago, without this lot on here.



Brilliant! :-)

Would you consider submitting a Case Study for our website please? Or even a video if you are feeling really brave? Thanks!





Hi Ldepluzer. Fantastic news and well done! May I ask, did your GP prescribe Armour or did you have to go private. I ask because I too have felt unwell for 6 years on T4 only but can"t get my GP to even consider an alternative. I am wondering if I should change your my GP but don't know how to find one who could or would prescribe Armour.

All the best to you....

Jen x



Sorry you have felt uinwell for so long. You don't have to get Armour via a GP. When I asked one doctor about it they had never heard of it ! VERY FEW GP's prescrtibe it.

My more open minded GP suggested I take it, but she was not able to prescribe it. By this time I had already been taking it for many many months - I take Nature-Throid. Armour is available on-line to without a prescription. If you want the link to the website private mail me. I am not allowed to post on here.




I'm curious as to what your Drs "black book" was. I have always felt that some of my problems now are levo related rather than the original symptoms but it is so difficult to get this point across.

In my case I also have neutropaenia which only started after I started on thyroid meds.

Do you or anyone out there know of any evidence of levo side effects that I can use?

Thanks and so pleased you are better!


That's fantastic-so glad you got your life back :-)


I am glad your GP was supportive. Did she prescribe the Armour?


Great new - thanks very much for reporting back :) Just wondering if you feel you have reached your optimal dose on Amour and what level it is? Just being nosey sorry. I am on Armour too and well now at 2.5 grains :) xxx


Hello everyone , thanks for all the comments . I have had some horrible gps but my lastest is good the problem is I live in Spain and they don't use anything but Levo , no t3 or NDT so there was a limit to her help . Needless to say with a lot of research I had to find my own way , I'm not advising this to anyone ! I'm on 2 grains a day and feel that's just right for me I started on 1 and built up gradually .


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