Feeling Great

I just wanted to put an update on here.

Since starting T3 in April and joining slimming world 8 weeks ago my weight has gone down from 14 stone 2 to 12 stone 10. This is a combination of the diet and the T3, I tried the same diet last year whilst on levothyroxine and could not lose any weight at all.

I want everybody out there who thinks there is no light at the end of the tunnel, well there is.

I was ill for nearly 10 years, tired all the time, no motivation, pain in my knees, swollen ankles and weight spiralling out of control. After many visits to the Dr and different endocrinologists I DID NOT GIVE UP. I took my health into my own hands, I researched T3, I bought myself a blood pressure monitor and I bought my own T3.

I want you all to know out there that I am now well, I want to do things, I no longer want to lounge about the house and lying on the sofa most of the day.

I read an old book that belonged to my great uncle which referred to the Thyroid gland as the spirit of life and that could not be more true because up until the past few months I had no life and now I have it back again. x

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  • It's so good to hear your story, and I agree there is an answer for everyone if we are just determined and keep going. So often it means taking charge of your health yourself as you did.

    Would you be able to write an account of your experiences for Thyroid UK to use on the website?


    It would serve as permanent inspiration for others as success stories like yours can become buried in the site here after a few days.

    Have a good day. Jane x

  • Hi, I'm on my way out now but I will definitely write an account of my experiences, I feel very strong about this and extremely angry that people like us are not being listened to and that some people on this site are virtually suicidal. The DRs and Endocrinologists in the UK should be ashamed of themselves. x

  • hear!!!!!hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well done. It is not until you find a way 'out' by yourself that it does make you angry that most doctors and some endocrinologists do not always know best and that you suffer ill-health for many years having the clinical symptoms treated by another medication instead of a decent thyroid hormone which suits you.

  • Well done. So good to hear that sort of news.

    Liz :-)

  • I just hope that the Scottish petition asking for the RCP guidelines to be reviewed/formalised will have a knock on effect in the whole of the UK eventually.

    As we don't have an English parliament to appeal to we will have to wait for our far flung sisters to shake up the apathy about Thyroid disease in the UK.

    I really fear that the cover-up could well continue without outside pressure, though.

    There must be a lot of reputations hanging on the line at the top- when the whole saga is exposed.

    Don't any of them read recent research?

  • its quite obvious that they are governed by NHS guidelines, T3 costs the NHS about £100-£200 per month I think, but it can be purchased abroad at a cost of £40-£50 for 5 months supply. Don't you think that a lot of those high up are in cahoots with these drug companies, back handers. There cannot be any other reason why we are not being given T3

  • Conversely Lesley- if they were 'in for a cut' they would push T3 out for us!

    No- I think there are subtle pressures from Drug Co's on medics, yes-but it would show if too obvious a link ,so I put it down to fear of censure [like with Dr Skinner; etc] and uncertainty over what their jobs should really be in the community, rather than feeding the NHS behemoth structure.

    I'm sure many care [not an easy job, whatever the ££s] but don't know how to fight for us in a tight system.

    Reform is needed badly, as we know.

  • Don't let get me started on my views about the drug companies! x x

  • It is wonderful that you have done so well. It serves as a reminder to those who look at a hypothyroid, overweight lady and say 'just eat less and exercise more' - HOW important it is to sort out the thyroid first. Then, with willpower and the right treatment, it can be done!

    It still takes willpower, make no mistake - but those who have tried and tried and tried to lose weight without success will testify to the fact that NO amount of willpower will overcome an undertreated hypo thyroid gland.

    Well done! We would never advise anyone to self-treat - but are fully aware that some have absolutely no alternative, and that it can be successful, too. Congratulations!

  • Thank you, all that you have said there is so true. X

  • What a smashing post so glad to hear about your wonderful weight loss and that you are feeling so good.x

  • Pleased to hear someone is feeling great, even if you've had to do it all yourself! It's very encouraging so thanks for sharing your story.

  • Good for you, so pleased you are getting well and gaining control of your life!

    I'm also recently going it alone after years of tests and now being told I don't have a thyroid issue, just ME/Fibro. I'm also buying my own T3 and have to say without it my life would be miserable. Still early days on T3 only but I'm actually functioning at around 80% compared to the 20-40% I have been previously.

    Yet to let my Gp know though and don't really care what she thinks at the moment! lol

  • Hi Denise, I'm not even going to bother letting my doctor know. she has shown no interest in the past so I don't see that she would be interested now. all she ever said to me was that my ankles were fat because I ate too much. I have been 9-10 stone all my life even after 5 children and gradually over nearly 10 years was 14 stone. The GP said because I had put the Weight on gradually that meant it was nothing to do with not having a thyroid. Complete twoddle, if I hadn't have been constantly going for 6 mile walks and watching what I ate then I probably would have been about 20 stone. X

  • Well done you! Glad to hear a success story!

    How long did the improvement take when you started the T3? I started 8 weeks ago.....


  • Hi Simon, I felt better within a couple of Weeks. I started off by reducing my thyroxine to 100 per day from 175 & added 25 T3, after a few days I started to take half a tablet of T3 at lunchtime. The following week upping the lunchtime T3 to 25 a full tablet and I have been on that for about 4 months. Somebody on here said that their weight dropped off them but that is not the case with me. I was very careful and took my pulse and blood pressure daily, at first my pulse did elevate a little but only to normal levels, it was too low before and the same with my blood pressure. I noticed that my pulse settled down after a few days, if it hadn't I would have reduced the T3. As for my weight I initially dropped about 5 lbs I think without trying to lose weight then nothing for a while, even though I did notice it wasn't going up and up anymore. I then joined the same slimming club I joined last year 8 Weeks ago and have lost nearly a stone, I couldn't lose anything last year. Within days of taking T3 I noticeably had more energy and didn't need the afternoon nap.


  • Oh well you've had a better response to T3 than me Lesley :0)

  • That is wonderful and I hope it helps give others the courage to do the same. It's actually easier to monitor T3 than T4 as the reaction can come rather quickly and you can make adjustments since it can vacate quickly unlike T4 that takes a while to work off an overdose. It may feel intimidating at first but once you start, and you overcome your fears, it is easy, effective and not too expensive. T3 is supposed to help with antibodies and adrenal disfunction so that's another reason to try it.

    If it doesn't work for someone, they can always go back to T4.

  • I totally agree. X

  • I also switched to liothyronine 3 months ago and have my life back and my children have there mum back, I have been very lucky andy gp prescribed it 20mcg in the morning and 10mcg in the evening. Dramatic weight loss my memory is back and lots more energy and have not had any infections or illness since starting. X

  • How do you get T3 hormone? I am on Levothyroxine - have been for 4 years and it's doing absolutely nothing for me - all blood tests "normal" - so why have I put on 5 stone, ache, do not sleep etc etc. I'm on 100mg - which everyone tells me is a high dose - so why don't I FEEL normal?

  • 100mcg is not necessarily a high dose. Can I suggest that you post a new question with your latest thyroid bloods, including the ranges and the symptoms you are experiencing. This information will help people to better offer information and support.



  • Thanks for this - but how do I get my bloods? Had blood test last week (the first in 2 years) and was told it was "Normal" Symptoms are as everyone else seems to be - tired, lethargic, horrific weight gain (5 stones in 5 months when first ill 4 years ago), can't sleep, depressed, muscles aches and pains. My thyroid function was removed by radioactive iodine after initially being over active. Wish I was overactive again!!

  • You are entitled to a copy: thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/NHS_In...

    Also, some helpful info here:




  • Thank you x

  • Thats brilliant news.It's nice to here someone who has positive news.Long may it last.

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