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Celiacs Disease

I have just been asked by the Doctor to have a blood test with regards to celiacs disease I am a bit confused as to why this has been asked. I thought I had had a blood test for this at the beginning of the year and heard nothing, can you be borderline celiac? Also I was supposed to see a Doctor back in February but nobody told me, is it common to get celiacs disease with Hypothyroidism, B12 deficiently, Vitamin D deficiency and IBS aswell as osteoarthritis, if I have got it it would explain a lot.

Any ideas

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Coeliac disease is an autoimmune disease like Hashimotos and many of us have both plus Vit D deficiency and B12. If you are diagnosed with coeliac disease you will find that they no longer think you have IBS as many of the symptoms are the same and they often tell us coeliacs that we have IBS before they diagnose us properly.


Hi As Caeliac disease autoimmune it is common with thyroid disease. You must eat food containing gluten 2 weeks prior to test. Also some times, if thought to be Caeliac it does not show in the blood. In test in that case the only way of being sue is then to go on Gluten free and see how you are. My Endo had a paper published in the BMJ on this last year, it is becoming well known.

Best wishes,



My Aunt who also has hypothyroidism, has been wracked with pain for many years since being diagnosed and never really knew the cause. I personally,since being diagnosed and suffering with pain also, have been convinced that she, like me, cannot tolerate T4. Howevever she was also recently diagnosed with caeliac disease and since then, following a gluten free diet etc etc, is like a new woman. She's in her mid to late 70s now and what a waste of her life. I at least know to demand this test if I ever suspect I have the same problem.


I too was fobbed off and told it was IBS and all in my head ie IBS caused by anxiety. NICE guidelines were never followed in the IBS misdiagnosis; they should have suspected coeliac then. I eventually self diagnosed with coeliac and since going g -free things are better, though it can take 2 years for your intestine to heal and in some cases it never heals.

This is one of several NHS screw ups that led to me enduring severely reduced quality of life for years. This is why i now manage my own health and I've done a far better job in 1 year than the nhs did in 20


Also me, in 14 months, I learnt more than my Gp/gastroenretologist knows about IBS and celiac disease. It has to be 100% gluten free. Shampoos, hand/shower soaps, supplements, everything has to be gluten free. Never go to a restaurant until/if the healing succeeds.



..may be worth looking at my post yesterday - Hope for Hashimotos - and reading the books and the website The detail on gut health in both books is excellent and a huge learning curve. It also makes good sense but is not an instant fix of course. I was diagnosed with Crohns over 40 years ago and have Hashimotos.


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