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Has anyone else's monthly cycle stopped? Is it my uat or celiacs?

I was diagnosed initially in March with UAT after displaying the majority of symptoms and suffering with the most horrific blood loss, resulting in me being driven home from work by my boss! (Embarassing) resulting in the blood test showing my UAT. It was decided for me to have the implant removed, which was done in March. Since then I have only had once cycle in July, nothing since. Has anyone else had the same kind of problem? I know the thyroid is hormone related and because I'm still in the process of finding my right dose chances are my whole system is out if whack, but I've recently read that celiac disease can cause lack of periods? I don't tolerate bread based produce very well and am thinking about being tested? Is it more likely to be celiacs causing this as oppose to my UAT?

Sorry for the many questions and long post, but I'm starting to feel really down!!

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My daughter has celiac disease and recently diagnosed with UAT she has always had really heavy periods even before she was diagnosed with celiac. Since starting on Levothyroxine her periods have become lighter but still pretty regular. Could the implant you have had taken out put your hormones out of whack therefore causing the absence of your period, just a thought. If you don't tolerate bread based products I would definitely get tested for celiac, a lot of people on this site go gluten free and fell better for it.

Hope you feel better soon



Hi Browny thank you for your rely,

For the two years I had the implant I only bled every six months which is very common, my gp did say it could take a couple of months for my body to register the change of having it removed which is probably why it took until July for me to bleed, but had nothing since! Having a messed up body with nothing functioning as its meant to gets me down some days, today being one of them! Lol I've just taken a trip to the supermarket, dusted off my slow cooker and stocked up on veggies, think I need to put 100% into making myself well again starting with the fuel I put in!! Gluten free here I come :)

I hope you and your daughter are coping as well as can with the double diagnosis, it can't be easy.



These two short videos may apply since they touch on female hormones. There are many causes of low thyroid which can be diagnosed with proper testing, unfortunately most endos do not use them.


Thank you for this, Heloise. Very interesting and it makes complete sense.


This is a link from Dr Lowe. In it you will see he also advises high enough doses thyroid gland hormones as most doctors keep us on a low dose. We should also gradually increase to an optimum level.


Oestrogen dominance can send your cycle out of whack too. I was regular up until 2009 and didn't have a period during about 4-5 months over late spring and summer. Everything went back to normal for a couple of years, but recently things have been a bit strange again. I'm not sure what to suggest as I'm just looking into this myself (I just assumed I was perimenopausal) but possibly an avenue worth exploring?


I came off the pill in Jan having decided to have a copper coil fitted instead as I didn't want to take synthetic hormones any more. I haven't had a period since. I was diagnosed with UAT in March and started on levo. I have been told I have PCOS as my sex hormones are a bit out of whack, and an ultrasound showed follicles on my ovaries. But before I went on the pill I never had any problems, and I had a laparoscopy a couple of years ago (for something else) and my ovaries were perfectly happy. I am really hoping the problems are to do with my thyroid (still trying to find the right dose) rather than full-blown PCOS. So this is not really an answer for you as such, but more to say I know how you feel and hang in there. I went through a phase of getting really down about it and not feeling like a proper woman etc, but being stressed will only make things worse. Take care and I hope things are better soon x


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