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Can anyone advise please?

Sorry to post this again.........posted yeseterday and all found out was that possible wrong tests done and should have been bloods? (Dr P ordered for me.) Had Urine thyroid and saliva 24hrs for both. Just want to know what you think of my levels PRE taking adrenals and Nutri Thyroid. Not really feeling much different on 5th week now.

Feel like I am sliipping into depression and anxiety badly. Please help....

This was post from yesterday........................

Dr P has me on adrenal support for 4weeks now and thyroid nutri for 1 week. Never put my

Genova results on here what do you think? These were obviously prior to treatment.

24hr urine range in brackets

T3 400 (592 -1850)

T4 83 (347-1994)

T3:t4 ratio 4.8 (0.50-2.00)

Cortisol levels

Post awakening 48.4 (12-24)

+4-5hrs 3.9 (5-9)

+4-5hrs 3.5 (3-7)

Prior to sleep 3.9. (1.0-3.0)


Sample 2......0.45 (0.30 -1.00)

Sample 3 ......0.84 (1.0 -4.0)

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Sorry, cat, most of us learn more about blood testing than urine testing but five weeks is not very long in order to determine doses. I think Dr. Peat should offer some suggestions if he feels you should increase your doses. Others here have gone to Dr. Peat, perhaps you should ask your question and put that in your headline to see what others have experienced with him.


Hi Cat

Sorry to hear you are not feeling so good and that you didn't get a great response yesterday to your post. Hopefully more people will be along soon to comment and as Heloise says you could repost mentioning Dr P in the title of your post/question.

I wouldn't say you wasted your money as I don't think Dr P would request tests which he felt were of little or no use. I also paid for the same urine test and that was before I went to see Dr P so it wasn't under his advice but I did take the results along with me to the appointment with him 3 months later. I did also pay for the full thyroid profile plus from Genova but again before seeing Dr P.

I think the thing to remember with thyroid blood tests is that it doesn't necessarily show what's going on at cellular level and that's what's important (as I understand). So many of us are undiagnosed or undertreated because of what is deemed 'normal' with the thyroid blood test and other factors must be taken into consideration. (Until seeing Dr P I had been diagnosed with ME.). With the thyroid urine test as I understand it is used to show tissue exposure over 24hrs and can be a beneficial test to those who are sometimes missed or undetected by blood tests. I imagine Dr P wanted to see these levels and use alongside your symptoms, body temperature, clinical examination, medical history etc.

I'm still learning myself but when do you take your nutri adrenals as although your adrenals are completely crashing first thing and below range they are above range in the evening and sky high first thing? Based on your results has he told you the time to take them? Also once you received your tests results did he write explaining what they mean? If not ask him to though I'm sure others will be along to comment.

I know you will be filling his diaries in but I found myself on several occasions phoning his office and spoke to his secretary who was very helpful. If she didn't know the answer she would ask Dr P then phone me back. You can also book in for a telephone consultation with him which may be of benefit to you. I didn't do well on nutri adrenals and it was very stop start and I had already tried nutri thyroid before Dr P and they didn't agree with me either. It certainly wasn't as easy or straight forward as I thought from my first appointment with him and I understand we all want to get better like yesterday and have our lives back!

I know it's early days at 5 weeks into his protocol but if you are feeling worse or symptoms are aggravated and you are not seeing any progress then I would definitely definitely give them a call and see what they advise. I know I did! You have suffered enough and know your body better than anyone else so if you feel something's not right give them a call as they will hopefully provide you with some reassurance or a slight change to your treatment protocol.


Pink lily x


Pink i am so grateful for your post. I will respond tomorrow properly feel crap ar moment.

Thank you



Hi Pink,

thanks so much for your long informative post. The adrenal/nutri thyroid not having any adverse affect on me at all. I may be doing slightly more, v slightly but I am pushing myself I know as I have a 7 yr old, what with school hols etc it's hard to tell progress. It's awful to say but I can't wait till thursday when he's back.

My life doesn't seem like my own anymore and feel like I'm slipping quickly into depressive state (Dr will get his own way in end no doubt). Very anxious having to breathe deep just to try and calm down. Can't even look people in eye when I talk to them. Avoiding social situations all the time.

I wondered as the adrenals/nutri doesn't actually have hormones in them whether he would try me on something stronger with hormones in them as I've tolerated the others?

Did he phone you fairly quickly?

Yes he explained all the meaning of results - hypo with really low levels he said and degree of adrenal fatigue.

I just wanted peoples opinion of the results but it seems not many been asked to do the 24hr urine one......


Sorry Cat I didn't get any email notification to tell me you had replied so only realised when I checked back at your post.

Well it's a positive that you haven't had any adverse affects but if you are not seeing any improvement then maybe Dr P will try you on something stronger. I guess it's hard to say though as your treatment has coincided with school hols so your doing more and pushing yourself whilst your son is off. When he goes back to school on Thursday hopefully you will be able to give yourself some necessary rest and relaxation time and will maybe feel clearer about things. When you do write to Dr P give him as much information as possible when you send your diaries and letter to him and be as honest as possible about how your feeling.

As far as I understand the nutri adrenal glandulars do have the necessary adrenal support in them though if i remember the bottle says hormone free or is that the nutri thyroid ? don't answer that question save your energy! Have you got Dr James Wilsons book on adrenal fatigue as I have found that of enormous help? Here is the link incase you haven't but are interested. There are some interesting reviews as well from people who have been diagnosed with CFS/ME!


and also here is the link to his website adrenalfatigue.org/

Re waiting times well I phoned Dr P's office a few times and his secretary was able to help but when I really needed to speak to him my phone appt. was a two week wait, another time a week. If you have any concerns then I would give his secretary a call and see if she can help and maybe book a phone appt. to speak to Dr P. You could arrange it for when he receives your diaries as you will be posting them soon then he has all the information in front of him but that's just an idea.

You may know this already Cat, but it can take two weeks for him to write back after receiving your diaries hence why I keep mentioning phoning as when your feeling at a standstill or worse or generally in a muddle (I've been all 3 at once and more than once!) then two weeks is a long time.

By the way I know we are all individuals and are on our own journeys with this illness but I totally totally understand about you feeling your life isn't your own any more and the deep breathing part.

It's such a horrible illness which can dominate and disable people's lives HOWEVER with organisations like Thyroid Uk and forums like this and with Dr P on your side and most importantly your own determination, self belief, hope and faith you will get better! Gosh I don't want that to sound like I'm telling you what to think!

I hope I haven't waffled on too much and really hope you start showing signs of improvement soon


Pink x


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