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Opinions on results please - also any comments on experiences having to take Steroids + Thyroxine?

Latest blood test results

April Serum free T4 level 16.87 pmol/L range 9.01 - 19.05 pmol/L

May TSH 1.18mlU/L range 0.35 - 4.94mlU/L

Are these measuring the same thing? Both seem to be in the normal range

Dr says I am fine taking 75mcg thyroxine at present - I was on 150mcg a year ago but since having to take steroids for PMR (started at Xmas) my thyroid results have been indicating I need less thyroxine.

I feel ok but do experience quite a lot of hot flushes and I have gained nearly a stone in the last year. Steroid dose is now reducing so hopefully the weight will be easier to get off in the next couple of months Now on 9mg of Prednisolone per day - trying to reduce by 1 mg per month.

Dr says hot flushes are usual with an overactive thyroid not underactive ? Surely can't still be menopause as I am nearly 60 (I did suffer badly with them around the menopause 48 onwards - they occur less now but they have never stopped)

I wonder if I will need an increase in Thyroxine as Pred goes down?

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Where is free t3? It is the most biologically active portion. TSH only measures your pituitary and t4 is relatively inactive until it converts to t3.


Hi Suzy

Do you think it's the hypo or the pred that's caused the weight gain?

My endo told me any weight I gained from steroid treatment was next to impossible to get of


Hi suzieh,

I am on steroids pred 10 mg and have been on higher for over 3 years. Dr's told me that i wouldn't lose weight but i have not only managed to maintain my weight but lose a few kilos in the process. It's not easy with PMR because your whole body aches from top to toe and no 2 days are the same but on good days i force myself to exercise.

Found the physios were great at giving me passive exercises to do in the pool or on dry land so a referral might be useful esp hydro pool.

Unfortunately hot flushes are the bane of my life particularly my upper body and head as hair is always dripping wet and i'm post menopausal.

Good luck coming down off the steroids. i would love to know how you get on as i want to reduce further but not ready atm.

Love Cezzie x


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