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Day 8 of stopping B12 and complex and feel dreadful

I stopped taking my B vitamins because I want to have an active B12 test. One month was the suggested time. But today I feel dreadful. I feel hung over and dizzy. I feel like I felt before taking the B vitamins. I have mindfully not changed anything. I am doing this because previous blood tests showed I may have macrocytic anaemia / pernicious anaemia but was supplementing at the time of the test.

What should I do?

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Maybe it would be best to talk to the heamatology Dept at the hospital where you are going to do the Active B12.


Thanks shaws, I spoke to them this morning and were not helpful. They stated the obvious. I might order the test from Blue Horizon today and do the test early and see if it shows anything. I think I have learnt that symptoms I thought were hyper for years were in fact anaemia or B12 deficient related. But as you were one of the first to point in the direction of B12 supplementing I can't thank you enough. :-) Might be back for more questions tho!

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Oh Shambles, I'm so sorry you feel like this. But actually, kind of shows you need the B12, doesn't it? I agree with Shaws, you may need some advice from the people who will be doing the test. St Thomas'? They might ask you to come in sooner. If you're doing the home test, you could call Axis Shield directly, their contact page is here:



Hi Hampster. Thanks for the advice.

I mailed Axis yesterday and they said the test provider should say how long to stop supplementing before the test which is fair enough. Blue Horizon say two weeks, St Thomas' say one month, my GP doesn't know. Like I said to Shaws I think I am going to order a test from Blue Horizon today and test early myself an by the time it arrives it will be two weeks since I stopped.

You are right and have been right all along about the B12 deficiency. I think I must of have had most of these symptoms since birth. I have always been told I was anaemic and to drink Guinness at school! I kid you not. I have treated for heart murmur since birth. When I finally got diagnosed with Graves, I thought that it was part and parcel. It wasn't until I had my thyroid removed that I realised something else was still wrong. Thinking it was my thyroid or lack of it, is when I jointed here an both you and Shaws mentioned B vitamins. Lifesavers. I am now noting my symptoms. I have TED pretty bad, been waiting for my eyes become non active. Recently they seemed to have settled a bit but his morning they very red and very swollen. So in the house of cards of how medicines and vitamins work I wonder if there is any relationship between taking B vitamins? Can't thank you enough and might have to pick your brains again on the B12gate,


What does your GP think of all this? Have you filled them in?


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