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Hi all , I had my last thyroid tests 2 July but forgot to get them as hospital doubled my dose anyway. Nxt test on Monday

Last was tsh 49.8 range 0.3-5.5

And t4 6 range 11.5-22.

Antibodies are 459

I am on 50 Levo now and doc will prob increase next week.

Where should these numbers be I am confused!!

I have vertigo, balance probs, some tremors although they have improved a bit. Headaches and generally rubbish.

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Don't worry about where numbers should be. Your TSH will certainly come down but it will be gradual and the GP will increase your meds about every 4/6 weeks and your T4 will rise. The main things is how you are feeling. It will take a while to get to the optimum level where you will feel good and your symptoms diminish. The aim is to get your TSH to 1 or below.

Always get a printout of your blood tests complete with the ranges, as you have done above, for your own records or if you have a query.

Someone will comment upon your antibodies, which I understand is applicable to Hashimotos Disease.

I hope you feel better soon.


T4 wAs 10 previously is it meant to drop ?


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